Horse Riding Holidays

Horse riding holidays

There are a great many wonderful horse riding holidays around the world, but whichever destination you choose you are likely to have an experience of a lifetime! Canter along a sun-drenched Spanish beach on a riding holiday in Spain; ride with big game in Botswana, join a cattle drive in Montana or discover the magical landscape of the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan.

Whether you have never ridden a horse before, or are an experienced rider, there are riding holidays to suit every level of rider. During a riding holiday you could work on your skills with an instructional break or perhaps learn a new skill such as Western riding or polo.

Horse Riding Holidays

How should I choose my riding holiday?

There are four main types of riding trips;

  • On a Riding Holiday, whether short haul to Spain or long haul to South Africa, California or Mexico, you are sure to have some great riding, be hosted well, have good food and overall a really good time.
  • A Safari on Horseback in Africa is truly spectacular. It is impossible to beat the wonder of watching a large herd of towering giraffe as your horse quietly grazes or the heart-beating excitement of being face to face with an elephant. Some safaris on horseback are in areas where there is no dangerous game and so are suitable for all levels of rider, including children. Other safaris, in areas where you might encounter elephant, lion or buffalo, are only for experienced riders. Accommodation varies from luxury safari lodges and very comfortable spacious safari tents with their own private bathrooms to simple bush camps with long drop loos and bucket showers.
  • A Ranch Holiday gives you the opportunity to live out a dream and take yourself to the world of John Wayne. These holidays are often in stunning parts of the world. You could choose a working ranch where you have the opportunity to be a cowboy and move cattle on horseback or a guest ranch with stunning mountain scenery.
  • A Riding Expedition is a journey on horseback, which may entail a few hardships but reward you with an experience to remember and scenery which you might otherwise not have the opportunity to see. On these rides you need to take a little more care to pack the appropriate clothing for the trip and to make sure you are fit enough for the journey. On many of the expeditions you camp in small two-man dome tents with sleeping bags on mats and limited washing/loo facilities, but hopefully the views make up for that. On others you stay in hotels or farm houses and so have a more comfortable place to spend the night.

When trying to decide on your riding holiday adventure, you should consider the following points which will help you narrow down the options;

  • Are you the sort of person who needs a shower every night and a comfortable bed? Or are you more interested in the scenery and a loo with a view?
  • Do you love the idea of riding to a new destination each day or would you prefer to unpack, settle into your room and ride out from a base?
  • How important is the style of the accommodation?
  • What is your riding experience and are you riding regularly?

Where to find out more about horse riding holidays

This riding holiday summary was written by In The Saddle. We have a great deal of experience in arranging riding holidays all over the world. Our reservations staff are experienced horse people. Many of us have our own horses and ride regularly. We visit our rides and can describe our holidays from first hand experience. We believe that booking a riding holiday is a personal experience. We tailor the holiday to the individual and are happy to arrange your flights, transfers, additional accommodation and extension if you wish.

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