Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving

Indoor Skydiving is the amazing freefall simulation experience created by floating over a powerful vertically mounted fan.

Skills – Strength: 4, Balance: 7, Flexibility: 1, Agility: 5, Coordination: 6
Time needed: travelling time + 1 hour, Cost to try: £30 for two flights

Ever wanted to go skydiving but didn’t like the idea of jumping out of a plane. Indoor skydiving may be the answer. You don’t need a parachute in this ultimate freefall experience. You can go indoor skydiving and feel the exhilaration of unlimited freefall without even boarding a plane or leaving the building.

Indoor skydiving from Red Letter Days

The Indoor Skydiving Experience

Indoor Skydiving involves being in a vertical windtunnel, and floating on a powerful updraft of air. The walls of the indoor skydiving chamber are transparent, so that others can watch you while you have a most uplifting experience!

All flyers visiting iFly receive induction training in a pre-flight room from highly qualified instructors. Flyers are taken on a step by step programme, explaining how the wind tunnel works and how to get the most out of their flight. All flyers are provided with the latest equipment including flying suits, goggles and helmets.

After your initial instruction, you then get to watch the previous group in the wind tunnel. You will get an idea of what is involved. Then it’s your turn. You go into a side chamber that is next to the wind tunnel. The instructor then goes into the indoor skydiving wind tunnel and invites you in. You step into the tunnel and feel the blast of air from the fan beneath you under a rigid mesh floor. The instructor helps you into the flying position and you float on a cushion of high velocity air. You can try moving forward and backward, up and down. The instructor is right by your side the whole time. Once you have flown for a bit, at the end of your session the instructor will take you on an amazing flight right up to the top of the tunnel and back down again. What a rush!

iFly Indoor Skydiving

The iFly wind tunnel is at the Xscape Leisure and Entertainment Centre in Milton Keynes. The vertical wind tunnel enables people of all ages to feel the adrenalin of freefall in a controlled, safe environment. In the purpose built tunnel you’ll be able to perform a series of freefall manoeuvres in an airstream of up to 150mph.

The Tunnel

The impressive structure has been designed and built specifically for indoor skydiving and bodyflying. The tunnel employs state of the art technology which accurately controls the environment inside the tunnel. The four high performance 250HP fans generate controlled airflow and a windspeed of up to 150mph, replicating the conditions that skydivers thrive on. The indoor flight chamber has a diameter of 12 feet and is 35 feet high providing enough room for up to four experienced people to fly together.

The Indoor Skydiving Flyers

Indoor Skydiving at iFly

Not just for adrenalin junkies, the major appeal of iFly is that anyone can have a go. From first time thrill seekers to more experienced skydivers wanting to perfect their technique or those wanting to try something different, the iFly wind tunnel is for everyone. In fact children from the age of 5 enjoy and excel in the wind tunnel.

The advantage of the wind tunnel is that it combines the heart pumping elements of an extreme sport but in a controlled and safe environment. Unlike other extreme sports iFly doesn’t require any previous experience or sporting ability and people can be flying within minutes of arriving.

To prove to friends that you have actually flown, the iFly tunnel has cameras enabling DVD recordings and pictures to be taken while in-flight.

The Expertise

The finest instructors in the country make up the ‘Aircrew’. Prior to coaching in the tunnel, all instructors receive rigorous training lasting four weeks and are qualified by experts at the International Bodyflight Association in USA. The training is carried out at SkyVenture, the manufacturers of the iFly facility and operators of SkyVenture in Orlando, Florida. The Aircrew maximise the enjoyment of flights, give flyers confidence and help them to develop new skills whilst in the flight chamber.


The iFly experience starts at just £34.99 for the Kix-start package (off-peak) which lasts an hour and includes two flights. (The equivalent of three skydives all at once!). You can Book indoor skydiving with Red Letter Days

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