Outdoor Activities Ideas List

Here is the best list of fun outdoor sports and activity ideas online. Some are physically active, some are just plain fun. My list of outdoor activities will inspire you with ideas for fun and adventure outdoors, whether you are on your own, with friends or family.

Outdoor Activity Guide of Things to do Outside

If you are a teenager looking for things to do outside, this outdoor activity list shows you the amazing things that you can do outdoors all over the world. If you are desperate to escape from the office and are looking for outdoor activites for adults, you may well find your next great adventure in the outdoor activities listed below. There are also lots of awesome ideas for outdoor activities to do at the weekend or things for couples to do outdoors.

Guide to Choosing What Outdoor Activity to do Outside

To help to choose which outdoor activity and things you might like to do outside, we have rated them under five categories:

  • Outdoor activities to just relax with your friends
  • Outdoor activities that are great fun and where you can have a laugh
  • Outdoor activities that are a bit adventurous, provide personal challenge and an adrenalin buzz
  • Outdoor activities for thrill seekers that give a serious adrenalin rush and require great skill
  • Outdoor activities that need a few friends to join in

The outdoor activities list has plenty of ideas whether you are learning about nature, exploring, a thrill seeker, looking for an adventure or seeking new activities for outdoor health and fitness. If you would rather get your outdoor inspiration from seeing awesome activities that will guarantee to make you want to get active outdoors, watch the amazing outdoor activities in the video below. Details of how and where you can do all of the outdoor activities from the video can be found in the blog.


Outdoor Air Activities

Outdoor Air activities


Outdoor Land Activities

Outdoor Land Activities


Outdoor Water Activities

Outdoor Water activities


Outdoor Winter Activities

Outdoor Winter activities

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