Snow Tubing and Doughnutting Parties

snow tubing

Snow Tubing and Doughnutting is high speed fun in the snow from sitting in a large inflatable ring and sliding at speed down a snowy hill or dry slope.  A snow tube is also called a Ringo.

What is Snow Tubing or Doughnutting?

Most dry ski slopes and ski resorts now have snow tubing lanes so you can race your friends downhill.  You can also buy snow tubes Amazon to use at home when it snows.

Snow Tubing on snow is a wintertime activity that is similar to sledding. Snow Tubing involves sitting in a large inflated inner tube and launching yourself down a snowy hill. This is almost always performed on a hill or slope, using gravity to get you to the bottom. The low friction between most snow tubes and snow allows you to reach considerable speeds while riding, especially on steep slopes.

Snow Tubing Video by Tanner Braungardt in Colorado in the US

The circular shape of snow tubes means that controlling the course and speed of a tube while riding on snow is extremely difficult. While a sled rider can drag their arms on the snow to brake or steer to a degree, attempting this on a tube will often cause the tube to spin. The best place to go snow tubing is at a ski slope or purposely designed snow tube activity centre. The lack of control when snow tubing on open slopes can lead to injuries, some serious, when riders have struck obstacles such as trees while tubing on snow.

When you have snow tubed to the bottom of the hill, you either have to walk back up with the snow tube, or get pulled by a drag lift if you go snow tubing at a ski slope or snow tubing activity centre.

You can buy a snow tube, or use something similar. Tractor or truck inner tubes provide the same thrilling experience, but you may want to cover the hole in the middle with a sheet of polythene to keep yourself dry.

An inflatable dinghy will also give you a great downhill ride. The added bonus is that the bed of the boat will be inflated and cushion you from the bumps.

If you want to have control over where you go, perhaps you want to have a go at airboarding.

Lastly, wherever you go sledging or tubing, check where you will end up, and look out for obstacles. You are going to have some serious fun and go home with a massive grin.

Snow Tubing Parties

Snow TubingIf you want to have a go or hold a snow tubing party (especially for stag and hen nights!), have a look at what is on offer at the snow tubing venues below.  The locations at ski resorts have specially carved lanes to keep you going in the right direction while you are snow tubing.

One of the best things about doughnutting is racing your friends. You get to bump them and have a real laugh. Guaranteed to end up at the bottom with a big grin.

You can have a snow tubing parties at ski slopes in the UK and US. Places include:

Where to buy your own Doughnutting and Snow Tubes

You can buy a great range of snow tubes from or
If you are looking for something faster, you have to get an airboard.

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