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Cool Outdoor Gadgets
Posted by: webmaster

Yaktrax Snow Chains and Ice Grips for Shoes

Outdoor Gear


When there is a lot of ice and snow about, cars use snow chains to gain grip. When you are walking about or running, you can easily fall on the ice and hurt or break something. I used to slip about and walk very slowly in the ice and snow, but that changed when I discovered that there is a clever solution you can buy for your shoes to give you fantastic grip.

Would you believe it but you can buy nonslip grips that hook over the bottom of your shoes to give you grip on ice and snow? Well, there are a number of ice gripping shoe products on the market.

Snow Spikes for Shoes

Without having to resort to buying crampons for your shoes, you can get a more discreet grip. Snow chains for shoes provide grip on ice and snow. They work in the same way as snow chains for cars. It is a snow chain that fits over the sole of your shoe and stops you slipping on the ice.

Some nonslip shoe coverings consist of spikes on a piece of rubber. This is then put over your shoe to give grip. The Yeti Snow Claw or IceGrips are two great solutions. Others snow spikes for shoes include Springyard, Get-A-Grip, Yak Trax and Pogo. supply sets ice studs for hiking and work boots. They can be quickly and easily installed into any sturdy foot wear. They provide a massive increase in traction and grip. When the weather or conditions improve, they are just as easily removed with the provided tool.

A cheap alternative to buying ice and snow grips for shoes that will stop you slipping on the ice is to wear a pair of woolly socks over the outside of your shoes when walking on ice and snow. It is the wetness of the ice that makes it slippy. Wool wicks away the moisture and sticks to ice and snow. If you make snowballs with wooly gloves on you will notice that the snow sticks to the wool in clumps.

So, if you want superb grip for your shoes when walking on ice and snow, put a pair of wooly socks over your shoes. If you want to look stylish, you might prefer to buy ice grips for your shoes from Amazon .

Snow socks for car tyres - If you want to also stop slipping about on ice and snow while out driving without the hassle of snow chains, get yourself some clever fabric covers for your tyres for instant grip.

Snow Shovels - If you need to dig yourself out of the snow, make sure you have a decent snow shovel.

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