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Adventurous Activities
Posted by: webmaster

85 year old man crosses Atlantic on raft for Water Aid



An amazing group of men have just successfully crossed the Atlantic on a raft made from pipes. All of the men were pensioners. This achievement was done to raise awareness of the fact that a billion people in the world do not have clean drinking water.
Anthony Smith, aged 85 crossed the Atlantic on his raft named An-Tiki along with a crew of three other men aged between 56 and 61..

The raft was made from pipes, and was propelled by just a sail, and steered using twin rudders. The intrepid men set off from the Canaries and travelled for 66 days before arriving in Caribbean on Wednesday.

Anthony completed the journey of nearly 3000 miles to highlight the fact that not everyone in the world has clean drinking water. Dirty drinking water can lead to all sorts of illnesses, and there are billions of people in the world who have to cope with dirty water. Not everyone has water on tap. Some people have to travel miles to get water from wells, and then carry it back in containers.

The men hope to have raised a good £50,000 for Water Aid.

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