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Posted by: webmaster

Parascending and Parasailing

Air Activities


Parascending and Parasailing is where you are harnessed to a parachute and winched into the air by being towed behind a boat or vehicle like flying a kite.

Skills - Strength: 1, Balance: 1, Flexibility: 1, Agility: 1, Coordination: 4
Time needed: 1 hour, Cost to try: £30

Parasailing Ė The Safest Introduction to Parachuting

Parasailing is not a sport usually associated with the United Kingdom, but now people in England can take part in this exhilarating activity, on the River Humber in Hull. No advance training is required to take part and it is an ideal starting point for anyone thinking about taking up parachuting.

A purpose built winch boat with a specially designed long platform is used, ensuring that you take off and land safely on the boat. This makes the sport ideally suited to people of all ages, including people with limited mobility.

How it Works

After a 15-minute safety brief, you are fitted with a lifejacket, harness and safety helmet prior to boarding the boat. You travel at breathtaking speed across the water until you reach the designated flying area.

The parachute is connected to the winch, and then inflated. This is a tricky job, which can only be carried out by a trained operator, but you can be reassured that you will not be connected to the parachute until it is fully open and has been inspected. You will be called forward to fly, then connected to the parachute by the two strong stainless steel clips on your harness.

Once safely attached to the parachute, the operator will make sure you are comfortable and ready to fly. The harness is strong enough to sit in, and this makes your experience all the more enjoyable. As soon as youíre sitting comfortably, the operator slowly lets out the winch rope, and you slowly rise to 200 feet in the air for an experience youíll never forget! The views are nothing short of spectacular once youíre airborne, and we highly recommend you take a camera up with you! The operator and boat handler work closely together to land you safely back down on the boatís platform. Landing down is similar to stepping off the bottom step of an escalator Ė itís that simple! ?

Teenager parasailing
Teenager parascending

Additional Information

The minimum age of anyone wishing to fly is 11. The minimum weight of anyone wishing to fly is 7 stones, and the maximum weight is 16 stones. The maximum number of passengers per trip is 8. The duration of each trip depends on how many passengers there are on the boat, but generally lasts around one hour. The time in the air varies depending on tide and weather conditions. All safety equipment is provided. Accident insurance is included for those who donít already have it.

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