Awesome Water Fights, Water Bombs and Super Soakers

Is your water pistol failing to hit? These water bomb launchers will hit the target far away and defeat the most determined opponents.

This summer, there is endless free fun to be had by having water fights with your friends. But in what ways can you have fun with water?

When the day is hot, you can cool down with your friends in the most fantastic way by having a water fight. There are endless different ways to have a water fight, from buckets of water to super soakers. In case you don’t know what the possibilities are, here are a few starters.

Free Water Fighting

Youtube video of epic tall ships water fight

If you don’t want to splash out on water fighting toys, then get yourself some empty washing up liquid squirty bottles and a couple of buckets of water. Split your friends into teams and then let the fun begin. You will have to immerse your washing up liquid bottle fully into the water in the bucket to refill it. It is quicker to refill it if you take the lid off. This sometimes involves using your teeth to get it off as it can be securely on.

Water Fights With Sponges

You can expand on the free water fighting with washing up liquid bottles by using sponges. Fill up the sponge with water and then throw it at your opponents. The only problem is that you then have to get past your friends to get your missile back! This is done at the risk of getting a jet of water squirted at you.

Water Bombs, Water Bomb Launchers and Catapults

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If you want to begin throwing water bombs at each other in a water fight, you can buy water bombs or water balloons. These are like normal balloons but the rubber is thinner so that it bursts on impact. You fill them up from a tap, tie a knot in the neck and then try to store them safely before you throw them.

Water bombs from Amazon

You can now get water mortars which are spring loaded tubes. You put your water bomb into the water mortar, aim and fire. This launches the water bomb a long way. The Wildsling Water Bomb Launcher is a catapult that can fire a water bomb up to 300 feet!

Water bomb launchers from Amazon

Targets and Water Bombs

You can show off your mastery of launching water bombs by having a target to aim at. It is more fun if the target is a moving friend. See how far you can launch your water bombs, or maybe see how accurate you can be.

Water Pistols and Super Soakers

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Water pistols used to be a small hollow plastic pistol that held a minimal amount of water and squirted a few metres before it ran out. Nowadays, the super soaker pump action water pistols can squirt a jet of water over ten metres.

When choosing your super soaker, there are a few things to think about. Firstly, how much water can it hold in its reservoir? This will give an idea how long you can last in your water fight before having to refill. Secondly, how far can the super soaker water pistol squirt water? You will also need to know how the reservoir can be refilled with water. Often, the reservoir can be filled either by unscrewing a cap or the cap features a push down valve that allows you to fill it up with a hose with minimum of fuss.

Water pistols and super soakers from Amazon

Hose Pipes and Lawn Sprinklers

There are a range of water sprinklers on the market that are used for watering grass. There are also specially designed water squirters and sprinklers such as Crazy Daisy which is a flower that you attach to the hose pipe which then flops about and sprays water all over the place. Crazy Daisy also comes under the name Dizzy Daisy. You can get a Fisher Price Dizzy Daisy from Amazon or Argos. These are great fun to run in and out of, or try to push your friends into the water spray.

Water sprinkler games from Amazon like Crazy Daisy

Water Fights in the Rain

You don’t have to wait for a hot sunny day to have a water fight. You can have just as much fun in the rain, although it does help if it is a warm summer shower.

You could also have a water fight in the sea or a lake.

I hope that you have lots of fun with your water fights. We know that they are bound to end with you all running around hurling water directly from the buckets at each other.

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