Windsurfing Holidays

learn to windsurf on holidays

Strap a sail to a surfboard and you can use the wind to surf in the direction you want. One of the best ways to get into windsurfing is by learning to windsurf on holiday.

Companies like Planet Windsurf Holidays provide excellent windsurfing holidays at resort all over the world. Rather than trying to work out where to go yourself, you can get expert advice on Windsurf Resorts and Holidays including flights, transfers, accommodation and Windsurf Rental & Instruction.

What Does Windsurfing Involve?

Windsurfing is basically using a board similar to a surfboard to stand on and uses a sail to catch the wind to provide traction. The biggest difference the board has compared with a surfboard is the centre-board. This is a retractable fin that goes under the centre of the windsurf board to provide additional stability.

The sail is attached to a mast that is connected to the centre of the windsurf board. It is connected with a clever joint that allows you to move it in all directions, which is needed to allow you to control your direction and speed.

Windsurfing Equipment

I loved the time I have spent windsurfing. I managed to pick it up quite quickly, but that could be down to a mis-spent youth on skateboards.
This video gives you a beginner’s guide to windsurfing covering everything from equipment, getting started, steering and control.

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