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The Ultimate List of Outdoor Recreational Activities

Active Outdoors® is a fantastic resource for anyone seeking inspiration and guidance on outdoor activities, recreation, sports, hobbies, jobs and outdoor team building activities.

Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast, a fitness buff, or simply looking for fun ways to enjoy the great outdoors, this blog has you covered! My mission is to enable everyone, whatever their ability, to discover ideas for outdoor recreational activities, team building and jobs that you will enjoy and encourage you to spend more time being Active Outdoors.

Use the list of outdoor recreational activities to discover how to get started in any activity, what skills you need, where to get training, what gear you should have, and where to go to try it out near you or on an activity holiday.

So, whether you’re scaling mountains, cycling through scenic landscapes, or simply enjoying a leisurely hike, Active Outdoors® has something for everyone. Explore the blog and find the inspiration that will make you want to Get Out More.

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