5 Tips For Women Hiking Alone

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Hiking solo is a splendid chance for inner growth and introspection. There are many advantages of hitting the trail alone such as: quietness on the road helps you have as much wildlife interaction as possible, you have control over your walking speed and where you can go, it is a great chance to learn how to combat things like fear, and it is a nice time to build your outdoor skills.

Solo Hiking Tips For Women

As much as it is a great thing, there are some drawbacks when it comes to hiking solo such as: individual safety, physical and mental endurance, and quality of outdoor skills. Hiking alone may not be what is normally expected for women. Quite a number of women have however gone on solo hikes and lived to tell the tale. Here are tips to help you plan for your solo hike:


1. Tell A Close Friend Or Relative Where You Are Going

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Informing somebody about your hiking destination is very vital. Tell a relative or a close friend: a detailed description of the trail, the amount of time you expect to use, and contact them as soon as you are back. If something goes wrong, you can be assured that someone will come to look for you.

Make yourself traceable. For added safety, use devices that help you to communicate with your friends or family. The devices can assist you in sending a help signal when you’re in danger. For example, a beacon or a transponder may come in handy.


2. Select A Destination That Has Good Trail Markers

Using Trail Markers when solo hiking

Always choose a destination that is easy to navigate during your first solo hike. This will make you less worried and reduce the chances of getting lost. You can also select a trail you have travelled on before. To help you when retracing your steps, study the trail markers carefully and take photos of the trail junctions.


3. Know Your Physical And Mental Capability

Solo Woman Sitting Looking at a view in the Mountains

It is very tempting to challenge yourself beyond your physical and mental limits. When it comes to your first solo hike, however, do not go overboard. Pushing yourself too hard can cause fatigue and when you’re too tired, you can lose consciousness and get stranded in the middle of nowhere. There is no reason for you to push yourself beyond your abilities.

4. Do Not Doubt Your Instincts

During a solo hike, you may meet some strangers on the road that may seem creepy or dangerous; it is wise to stay alert. If your instincts tell you something is wrong, turn and go back. Avoid being an over-friendly person to strangers.

Being in the outdoors alone, should make you take high precautions. Learn to trust your mind and your physical conditioning so as to avoid getting into dangerous situations.


5. Stay Prepared Always

Hiking Gear for Solo Women

You should be well prepared as anything can happen when you are in the outdoors. Carry enough food and water to give you sufficient energy and hydration. An extra set of clothes comes in handy when the weather changes. In addition to those items, carry a First Aid Kit just in case you injure yourself.

If you are trailing a destination that has animals like bears, learn how to use items such as bear canisters and bear sprays. Carry maps and other navigation tools if you have trouble having a sense of direction. Furthermore, if you plan to stay out at night, carry a camping tent to sleep in and a flashlight to light your way.


Other Things To Put In Mind

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It may not be common for females to hike alone due to a number of expected drawbacks. Women are seen to have less physical and mental strength compared to their male counterparts. However, some women hikers are beating this common notion by hiking alone to numerous destinations.

Hiking alone is a great opportunity to discover the real you. It may be a dreadful thought being all alone in the middle of nowhere, but sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone can be very rewarding. You can discover wildlife that you have never seen before and be amazed by the beauty of nature.

Furthermore, hiking is among the types of exercise regimes that will keep you in great shape. Don’t be held back by anything.

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