What is Active Outdoors?

Active Outdoors® has the biggest online compendium of outdoor activities ideas for fun and adventure with kids, friends and family. My mission is to enable everyone, whatever their ability, to discover ideas for outdoor activities that you will enjoy and encourage you to spend more time being Active Outdoors.

I have learned that being active outdoors with friends and family helps you to have a healthier work life balance and to recharge after a hectic day. I am sharing with you the awesome things I discover by blogging about great ways to spend your recreation time getting active outdoors.

Active Outdoors® aims to inspire you to spend more time having fun doing recreational pursuits in the natural world. As more people spend time getting active outdoors, this leads to increased health, wellbeing and a stronger desire to look after the world around us. You’ll also have some really awesome stories to share with your friends.

Outdoor Sport and Activity Ideas List

If you are bored, wondering what to do on the weekend with friends, having a mid-life crisis or just have some spare time on your hands, Active Outdoors® helps you to find new experiences having fun and adventure outdoors with friends. Whether you want fun, action, an extreme adrenalin rush or to just relax, there are things to do for free, ideas for personal and physical wellbeing, and outdoor activities for the ultimate social weekend.

Use the outdoor activities list to discover how to get started in any activity, what skills you need, where to get training, what gear you should have, and where to go to try it out near you or on an activity holiday.

The world is your adventure playground. Read the Active Outdoors® blog and find out how to Get Out More.

I am not blogging for the elite athlete, but for the normal guy or girl who is looking for things to do outdoors. Active Outdoors is not about being good at sport and winning medals. It’s about that feel-good factor. It’s about having fun and a laugh outdoors with your friends, family and community. I hope that by sharing the experiences and things I learn you will be inspired to get out more, explore the world around you and to interact with the natural environment.

Physical activities should be fun. They are more than just sports. Outdoor activities help you to develop your physical fitness, help your mental health and wellbeing, provide skills for life and work, and strengthen community spirit. It is not necessarily about competing against others, but can provide you with that sense of achievement from beating a personal best, learning a new skill or completing a personal challenge.

What does Active Outdoors Provide?

I share information and guides on:

  • outdoor activities
  • cool outdoor gadgets
  • team building activities
  • outdoor jobs, instructor training and volunteering overseas
  • activity and adventure holidays

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