Air Sphering

Air SPhering

Air Sphering is the art of floating inside a large inflatable ball held up by a high power fan.

Skills – Strength: 1, Balance: 1, Flexibility: 1, Agility: 1, Coordination: 1
Time needed: travelling time + 1 hour, Cost to try: £79 for two

What is Airsphering?

It’s intense, fun and takes your breath away – it’s the latest extreme ride in the UK

airpshering ball floating in the air
Airsphering – Float, spin and turn inside an inflatable ball hovering over a high power vertical fan

A simple recipe for any thrill seeker. Take an 8ft inflatable ball, place in a vertical wind tunnel, add a couple of riders, inject with 150mph winds and get ready for the most radical ride of your life. A heady mix of adrenalin, exhilaration and intensity, Air-Sphere is the latest extreme ride at Airkix in Xscape, Milton Keynes.

A world first, Air-Sphere is a collaboration between Simon Ward, founder and CEO of Airkix, the indoor skydiving experience, and Robert Price who pioneered British hill-rolling with SphereMania. When the two met on a supercar driving day, they knew that the two activities would be a perfect combination for thrill seekers looking for that extra adrenaline kick. With ten years experience of rolling people down hills and 26 years of skydiving plus four years of indoor freefalling action at Airkix, together they soon designed a sphere that could withstand excessive wind speeds and constant impact with the sides of the wind tunnel.

Some eight weeks later, Air-Sphere was born. Simon Ward, CEO of Airkix says: “Air-Sphere is not for the faint hearted. It offers, fun, exhilaration and an unpredictability that leaves you breathless. It complements Airkix where one learns to fly in a controlled and skill-based manner, like learning any new sport. Air-Sphere is a ride where you are at the mercy of the wind.”

Is Airsphering for me?

Your experience will last about an hour and after checking in and signing the Statement of Risk you’ll attend a short briefing before you’re issued with helmets and earplugs and enter the staging area of the tunnel. Then in twos or threes you will enter the flight chamber of the 12ft diameter vertical wind tunnel and dive into the sphere taking hold of the handles. The instructors will check you are comfortable and then it’s over to the controller who fires up 1,000 HP of power to take you the equivalent of 4 laps of an athletics track.

Air-Sphere is an intense ride. You will be travelling at random, around the wind tunnel, tossing and turning, being buffeted from side to side and generally losing all orientation before being brought back down to ground. For those who prefer a spectator’s position, friends and family can share in your experience by watching your ride from the free viewing gallery.

Go Airsphering

If you think you are up for air sphereing, you can save money by booking direct with in Milton Keynes

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