Learning BMX Biking Tricks and Stunts

BMX bike on grass

A BMX bike is a small stunt bicycle that is very versatile at performing tricks and stunts.

Skills – Strength: 5, Balance: 7, Flexibility: 5, Agility:6, Coordination: 6
Time needed: 30mins +, Cost to try: £free if you borrow a mates bmx bike, else £70+

What is BMX all about?

Video of Kriss Kyle trying out a new BMX frame
BMX means bicycle motocross. It originated in the USA as kids copied motocross riders, riding as fast as they could over bumps, ramps and jumps.

Are all BMX bikes the same?

There are different types of BMX bike. There are dirt BMX bikes which don”t have a front brake. These are used for racing over dirt ramps, often performing cool tricks in the air. Flatland BMX bikes have front and back brakes, and are lightweight. These types of BMX bikes are used for tricks on flat open space.

Race BMX bikes are where BMX bikes originally came from. These are used for racing. Street BMX bikes have pegs on the hubs of the wheels. These have a number of uses. One is to give your mates a lift. The main use though is to perform tricks by grinding along rails and the edges of ramps, balancing on just the pegs. Street BMX bikes are also used for riding in half pipes, and over ramps whcih are frankly near vertical.

What are the basic tricks on a BMX?

The Wheelie

The wheelie is just lifting the front wheel off the ground and riding along. See how far you can go on just your back wheel.


An endo is the opposite of a wheelie. You do the same, but lifting the back wheel off the ground. Not as easy as it sounds.

Bunny Hops

A bunny hop is where you do a jump off the deck, lifting both wheels off the ground at the same time

Find Out More About BMX Biking Near You

There are now plenty of places to go BMX biking near where you live. Some will be concrete skate parks, some pupose built dirt ramps and courses, or big ramps at skate parks in your local park.

You can get discount BMX gear from online bike shops such as Evans, Wiggle or Chain Reaction Cycles

Books on How to Do BMX Tricks

There are quite a few books out there that give you step by step instructions on how to learn BMX stunts and tricks.
BMX Riding Skills: The Guide to Flatland Tricks is packed with hundreds of illustrations and action photos and written in a laid-back style. The BMX book features:

All of the tricks are described in step-by-step photographs and graded by difficulty, progressing from basic to intermediate to advanced.
You can buy BMX Riding Skills: The Guide to Flatland Tricks from Amazon and soon be showing off your skills to your friends.

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