Things to do While Camping With Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend


If you are planning on taking your girlfriend or boyfriend camping, here are a few ideas for things to do that will make it fun.

Take the right things

Have a look at our camping kit checklist for a list of what to take camping with you. Make sure you take the right things camping with you. You will need a tent that is easy to put up, camp cooking equipment, and a decent sleeping bag that keeps you warm. If you forget something, you can usually get by, although it may cause you some inconvenience.

The most popular things that people buy to take with them camping include:

  • Dome or pop up tent. Pop up tents are easy to put up but a real challenge to get back in the bag
  • Sleeping bags, or even a double camping hammock. A camping hammock is great fun for couples, especially trying to get in together without falling out
  • Portable camping stove. Cooking together on a stove is a good way to get close and share the experience
  • Coleman Soft Cooler. A cooler is very useful for keeping the essential food items cool, such as milk, butter and cans of drink
  • Insect Repellent. There are lots of critters out there that bite, unless you have some insect repellent.
  • A portable outdoor LED lantern or headlamp for camping. You are going to need to see in the dark, and lanterns and headlamps are great for being able to see without having to hold the torch
  • Camping chairs. Unless you are happy sitting on the ground, if you can fit one in, take a camping chair.

How long are you going camping for?

If you have never been away overnight with your boyfriend or girlfriend before, you may be better off taking them camping for one or two nights to start with. Camping with someone can be quite a challenge if you don’t know each other that well. Personal habits and preferences become quite obvious, and you don’t want them ruining your lovely relationship.

Be patient and understanding. You are both learning about each other as well as how to go camping. If one of you burns dinner, don’t get upset over it or blame each other. These things happen. See if the meal can be salvaged, or go and find a takeaway. Perhaps you may end up sharing the big packet of your favourite biscuits that you remembered to take with you.

Choose where you want to go camping

This is very important. Depending on where you are in your relationship and how your relationship is viewed by your friends, choose where you are going to go camping on how much privacy you want. If you don’t want your friends to know, you may want to camp in your own backyard. This does have the drawback of having parents around. Then again, it can be a benefit as they can do some of the cooking, and if it rains you can always go indoors.

A public campsite allows you and your boyfriend or girlfriend to get away from everyone you know. There is always the risk of bumping into friends though where ever you decide to camp. You probably don’t want a campsite that has lots of families camping.

boyfriend and girlfriend camping
You will also need to think about how you and your boyfriend or girlfriend are going to get to the campsite. Is it close enough to hike? If so, how are you going to carry all of your camping kit there? You could arrange for your parents to drop it off while you both walk. Check out whether you can get there by public transport. If all else fails, your parents are bound to give you a lift. You may just have to ignore any awkward questions they may ask about the two of you sleeping overnight together.

You may want to choose a campsite that has proper flushing toilets and shower blocks. It can be a bit too much to deal with if you are trying to look your best for your boyfriend or girlfriend and you only have the woods around you.

How to look like you know all about camping

If you have never been camping before, it is best to practice a few things before you go. Ideally you will want to:

  1. Know how to put up your tent
  2. Know how to use the stove
  3. Know how to cook the basics – beans, boil veg, make a cup of tea
  4. Know how to keep food fresh and cool

Boys tend to want to show off how well they can put up a tent. So, boys, make sure that you know how to put up a tent before you go. Girls, be supportive of your boyfriend’s attempts to put up the tent! Laughing at him while he struggles to get all of the poles in place is not a helpful way to start your camping trip.

If you are borrowing someone else’s tent, then make sure you practice putting the tent up. Perhaps you might want to practice with your girlfriend. You can then share the learning experience. It all depends on your self confidence.

If you are going to do any cooking, you will definitely want to practice how to use the stove. There are several different types of camping stove available, and each one behaves in a different way. Get used to how quickly they cook food. That way you are less likely to burn things. Always use your stove away from the tent. Tents burn down in seconds, so ensure that you cook away from the tent.

Make sure that you know how to cook the basic things such as beans, and how to make a hot drink. Also, make sure that you take the food with you that both you and your boyfriend or girlfriend like. Be careful during the summer, as food can go off if left in the heat of the day. Dairy products and meat need to be kept cool. Chocolate will usually melt, so be careful.

Making camping fun with your boyfriend or girlfriend

That’s the essentials covered, now for some ideas of things to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend while camping.

Go exploring

You and your partner can go exploring. If you are hiking to the campsite, stop for lunch on the way and just enjoy the scenery. Take a little something special to eat that you know your boyfriend or girlfirend loves, for example their favourite biscuits or sweets. You may want to take a camera with you to record your adventure. Make sure that you don’t take any photos of your girlfriend in the morning before she has made herself look presentable. If you do she will hate you for it.

If your campsite is near the sea, you have lots of wonderful opportunities for spending time together on the beach. Remember the sunscreen. It is lovely to have the one you love rub sunscreen onto your skin.

Visit a place of interest

Find out about the local area before you go and choose a few places to visit that you might both like. Perhaps you may find a castle to explore, or some romantic walks. Maybe there is an open air concert or other outdoor event that you could visit.

Take a frisbee or ball

Take a frisbee or ball with you to play throw and catch. Great fun in the sun.

Take a pack of cards

A pack of cards or a board game can be a pleasant way to spend time with your boyfriend when you take them camping. Remember you are having fun, so don’t get too competitive.

Take a good book

You will both need a bit of time to yourself now and then. Taking a book with you will allow you to be in your own head for a while. You can read your book while leaning on your snoozing boyfriend in the sun.

Go swimming

Find out if there is a beach or lake near where you are camping so you can go wild swimming. The campsite may even have its own pool.

Go for a romantic picnic with a view

Go for a romantic walk with your girlfirend. Take a picnic, and enjoy some country scenery.

Go horse riding

Check if there are any riding stables near where you are camping. It can be a wonderful shared experience going horse riding together. It is another thing you can talk about later when it gets dark.

Talking the night away

You will find that much of your day is spend whiling away the hours wandering up to the shop for milk, or fetching water. After a fun day of activities in the outdoors, you will most likely spend the evening chilling out and talking. Talking is good. It could be a very good opportunity to get to know each other better.

Stargazing at night

Camping away from the city lights enables you to see the sky much better. Lie down outside your tent with the lights off and do some stargazing. You will be amazed at how bright they are. You may even see satellites or shooting stars while you are camping with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Lastly, as a word of warning, be very aware that if you have your torch on in your tent at night it will cast your shadow onto the side of the tent for all to see!

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