Choosing and Using Camping Hammocks

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Ultra lightweight camping in hammocks

You don’t need a tent to go camping.  Camping hammocks are rapidly becoming more popular due to being very affordable and lightweight. This makes them perfect for hiking and exploring on a budget.

One of the first questions that will always ring in your mind at the mention of camping is where you will spend the night when you have finished your day of adventure. Hammock camping is just the thing to have if you plan to have an activity that will last for days.

Camping hammocks are designed to offer the comfort you could have enjoyed while at home. Apart from the comfort, the ease with which they are set up or taken down is amazing. If you are not familiar with camping hammocks, you will be eager to know how to choose the most suitable one for you and how to use your camping hammock.

Types of camping hammocks

There are mainly two types of camping hammocks. They are:

  1. Gathered-end camping hammocks – These type of camping hammocks are asymmetrical with the ends gathering together to form a single bunch. It is suspended between two points forming a flatter position while sleeping.
  2. Bridge camping hammocks – These camping hammocks have non-gathered ends. It is reinforced with a gather bar to form a flat design.

How to choose camping hammocks

A camping hammock is not something that you can just walk into a store and pick. There are features that you must consider before making a purchase. Which season have you planned your camping to take place? This is a very important question that must be answered.
Remember that winter camping hammocks have different features as compared to the summer camping hammock. These form the basis of making a good choice. Are you planning to use bug nets? How do you plan to use the hammock? These are important questions that must be answered before choosing a particular camping hammock.

Below are some of the things you should look for in a camping hammock.


The best hammock should be light enough to minimize the stress of carrying heavy backpacks. The lightweight hammocks are mainly made of polyester, canvas or cotton. Lighter hammocks are easy to suspend.

The best hammock straps become useful when it comes to the suspension of the camping hammocks. Take note that the lightest models will not be very durable. The size of the hammock is also a contributing factor when it comes to the weight.


Your comfort at the campsite is very essential. The hammock should be large enough to accommodate you without straining. The hammock should be able to provide the warmth that is within preferred standards.

Most light models are known to be less warm since a lot of effort has been put on the material at the expense of comfort. There are however some isolated cases where lightweight and comfort have been combined to give the best camping hammock.

The water-repellent features are very important especially on extremely cold or rainy seasons. You cannot afford to spend your money on a product that will have your body completely covered with water when you wake up. This will be probably one of the worst camping experiences ever.

To enjoy a bug-free sleep, you can add a net as an accessory. There are however hammock models that have been designed with bug prevention mechanisms for maximum comfort if the camping area is known for bugs.

Ease of setting up

Hammocks are easy to set up if you have the straps or the best carabiner for a hammock. Without any of these, you will find it difficult to suspend the hammock. The carabiners and straps are known to hold the hammock firmly to the trees or rocks so that incidences of you falling are eliminated in totality.

Once you have these materials with you, the hammock will be easy to suspend in any location so long as the distance between the two anchors, be it trees or rocks, is convenient.


The hammock should have protective features to keep you safe from natural conditions such as wind and rain. Nylon hammocks are known to be the best when it comes to protection against windy conditions. Some camping hammocks have also been specially designed with underquilts to protect against the winds flowing on the downward side of the hammock.

Protection against any falling bugs from the tree and light rains is very essential as well. Some are even fitted with extra pockets that you can use to store some of your gear that you won’t be using at night.

Benefits of Camping Hammocks

You might be asking yourself why you should go for a hammock instead of a tent. There are lots of reasons why hammocks are preferred when it comes to camping. Some of the benefits you are likely to enjoy are:

  1. Having your hammock suspended at least 18 inches off the ground helps keep you away from dangerous creeping animals such as snakes and spiders. They will crawl below the hammock, therefore, leaving you safe.
  2. You will be comfortable as you will be away from the uneven grounds, rocks and roots that are often associated with most fields. Having the hammock is the best way to keep from such discomfort. Your body will enjoy comfort in its entirety.
  3. Muck-free and dry sleep all night. The raising keeps you from floods and debris. You will not need to do any cleaning when you wake up making it even more convenient.
  4. The hammocks are easy and quick to set up. Once you have proper straps and carabiners, you will be done with the setup in a few minutes and have enough time to concentrate on other activities.
  5. Hammocks are known to endure all kinds of weather making them durable. You will, therefore, use them for many camping activities more than you have thought. The carabiners and straps alike are also made from long-lasting materials.


Camping is a perfect way to get to relax and enjoy yourself away from the busy daily lives. Your comfort and safety throughout the entire period are very essential. That is why you need to choose the best hammock available as this will be your bed for the entire period. This is the reason why I had to stress on the need for the best and how you can find one.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article and above all, you managed to learn something new so that the next time you go camping you get the best experience.

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