Dodgeball is a game of two sides. It usually involves two teams of six players throwing soft foam balls at each other. You can play at specially designed dodgeball pitches, or it is much more fun playing at one of the trampolining parks around the country. Dodgeball on trampolines is awesome!

Dodgeball Game Setup

The dodgeball pitch has a centre line. Each player starts touching the back wall of their side of the pitch, with one dogeball in their hand.

How to Play Dodgeball

When the referee blows the whistle, players can move around anywhere on their side of the pitch. The aim is to throw the ball at opponents to try a hit them. If you hit someone with a throw, they are out. If they hit you, you are out.
If you catch a dodgeball that is thrown at you, you get a player back in and the thrower is out – a double swing! Dodgeballs that hit the head don’t count.

Each dodgeball game normally lasts around 2.5 minutes and the team with the most players left wins the game.

Youtube video of the ultimate game of dodgeball

You can buy Dodgeballs from Amazon. If you want to try dodgeball, you can play trampoline dodgeball at places like Jump Giants or Air Hop.

Places to Play Dodgeball

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