Making Yourself Comfortable Outdoors in Winter

Outdoor Comfort round a campfire in winter snow
Being comfortable and warm outdoors in winter

November always brings colder and wetter days, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from going out.  Modern outdoor clothing is packed with high-tech fabrics and designs that keep you warm and dry whatever the weather.  If you aren’t comfy outdoors, you are wearing the wrong clothes.  Finding something stylish, warm and dry can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, especially if you don’t want to spend big bucks.  There again, some of the really expensive outdoor clothing doesn’t really look stylish because the design process has focussed too much on being practical.  You can find decent outdoor jackets and trousers that are shaped in the right way while being both affordable and effective at keeping out the elements.

Finding Comfort in Winter

Warm winter jacket

As things get colder, wetter and windy, I still want to be outdoors in the very fresh air.  I have over the years found some staple cosy clothes to ensure I am toasty whatever the weather.

Beanie and Bobble Hats

Hooded jackets are a very practical solution to keeping the wind and rain out.  Women seem to prefer padded jackets with fur lined hoods.  They provide that cosy feeling, and are shaped to be slimmer at the waist to show off your figure.  Boohoo, Superdry, Primark and M and M all have a good selection of stylish winter jackets.

If you don’t want your hood up though, beanie hats or bobble hats are the thing to wear.  Both types of hats are worn by men and women.  It is all down you whether you can rock a particular colour, pattern or style.

Bobble hats are sold everywhere, from Cotswold Outdoors to Etsy.

Winter Jackets

Since I walk the dog in all weathers, I have to make sure that I am wearing the right jacket to keep me warm and dry.  The winter jacket that works best for me is a 3 in 1 jacket.  This consists of a fleece inner jacket and a Goretex type outer jacket that is waterproof and windproof.  Jack Wolfskin is my favourite brand because their jackets are very effective and also look reasonably stylish.  You have to buy them at certain times of the year from Cotswold Outdoor to get a discount.  Otherwise you are looking at £200 or more.

My latest winter jacket combo consists of a ski jacket from Mountain Warehouse with an additional fleece jacket that I wear underneath if things t really cold.

Fire Pits and Wood Burners

A most pleasant way to feel toasty and warm is to sit outdoors by a warm fire.  Although a patio heater can provide some warmth, they don’t have the same visual and spiritual appeal as a real log fire.

To safely get that fire in your garden you can get a range of fire pits.  From bitter experience, my top tip is to choose a fire pit or fire bowl that does not have big gaps between the metal bars that make up the sides.  When the wood burns, if the fire brazier has big gaps between the metal bars then the burning wood falls through onto the ground.  Burns your grass or leaves marks on your patio.

I recommend getting a fire bowl, which is a solid sheet of metal.  Some come with a wire gauze cover to stop any burning logs from spitting cinders out.  If you are a camping enthusiast and your camp site allows fires, then the Fennek Hexagon portable fire pit is great.

Biolite Camp Stove that charges USB devices

For the tech enthusiasts among you, you have to get yourself a Biolite Camp Stove.  The Biolite Stove uses the heat from the fire to rotate a turbine that then generates electricity via a USB port.  Not only can you have a nice contained fire for cooking on when you are hiking and camping, but you can also charge your phone as well!

Hand Warmers

Pocket Hand Warmers come a few different forms and are ideal for taking out on cold winter adventures (or going to work) to keep your hands toasty.  You can get gel reusable handwarmers, single use heatpacks, and USB rechargeable hand warmers.

A 7800mAh long-lasting heating electronic hand warmer ensures the heat lasts for up to 12 hours. It also doubles as a backup battery for your USB devices.  It has a soft comfy surface with a curved shape that allows you to easily wrap your hand around to enjoy the warmth from across the palm down to your thumb. The lightweight and sleek design can easily fit in your pocket or stay hidden in your glove.

The last thing I want to leave you with is inspiration for the variety of different torches you can get to light your way so that you can be active outdoors into the long nights.

Pocket torches for walking the dog, glow in the dark dog collars, running head torches and chest mounted torches, and some super bright bike lights that enable you to ride your mountain bike off road in the dark.

What will you buy yourself to make your next adventure more pleasurable? (Chocolate?)

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