Film industry jobs

movie jobs are more than just acting

Ever watched a really great video or film and thought “I’d love to be part of a film production.” Find out what goes into making a great video at Universal Studios, and what different jobs are available. You can also find out about film production schools and how to get into the movie industry. There are plenty of film extra jobs available, no experience required. This could lead to the lucky break you have been waiting for.

Jobs in the film industry

Movies and films don’t just happen. There is a team of people working closely together to produce the amazing films that you see on YouTube and in the cinema. One of the key roles in the film industry is the director. The role of the director is to direct all of the scenes, filming, and ensuring that the cameras get the right images and action presented to the viewer.

Devin Graham is a fantastic director and cinematographer, and managed to secure a slot to use one of the lots at Universal Studios to film this great parkour RIPD video. See what a great job he made of it, how he made it, and what was involved in pulling it all together.

Youtube video filmed at Universal Studios – Parkour, Cops and Donuts – 4K

This video involves a wide range of different camera techniques, using a flying drone (octocopter) to get aerial shots, balanced camera rigs for running about with, and handheld shots as well for filming within the cop car. I am amazed how Devin is able to ride backwards on the film cart with goggles on controlling the camera of the flying drone. All those different movements would seriously mess with my head.

You can see how all of this was done in this behind the scenes video.

Behind the scenes YouTube video of Devin Graham filming at Universal Studios

What different film industry jobs are there?

The list is huge, but here goes:

  • Producer – The film producer does a range of jobs. Before the film production starts, the producer has to get ideas from writers and directors, and read scripts. The film producer also has to raise the money to fund the film. The film producer has to hire a film production crew.
  • Film director – The job of the film director is to direct the artistic vision of the film. This includes setting the mood and visual experience. The director chooses preferred film crews, casting directors, and sometimes film actors as well. He will also have the overall decision as to film locations.
  • Casting director – the job of the casting director is to find and cast the actors.
  • Film actors – These a the people who act and portray characters in the film.
  • Screenwriters – This job involves writing the script for the film.
  • Film and video editors – The job of the film editor is to take all of the recorded film and audio and edit it in such a way as to create the desired result. The film director will often shoot a lot of scenes, and it is the film editors job to cut this to be the right length and in the right order. Some movies are shot in a completely different order to how the scenes are sequenced in the final film.
  • Film art director – The job of the art director is to ensure that all sets and locations look how they need to for the film.
  • Construction manager – Sets have to be built, especially if they are going to be demolished during the movie. The construction managers job ensures that all the right skilled craftspeople are employed to built the sets.
  • Cinematographer – This film job takes the vision of the director and translates it into film. This is a visual role, and is usually pivotal in the production of a great film.
  • Animation and special effects – Not everything can be done in real life. Some films need animations, CGI effects, or to actually build and create special effects on the set, such as explosions and collapsing buildings.
  • Movie extra jobs – In any film, a lot of people are required to make things look realistic. You can’t have a city scene if there are only the lead actors in the shot. This is the job of the film extra. The skill required for a film extra job varies depending on the role to be played. You might need to be athletic as in the video above, or to look a certain way. There are always plenty of film extra jobs being advertised, and it can be one of the best ways to get into the movie industry.

Film Production Schools

If you are interested in getting a film industry job, you might like to look at getting a film production degree. Have a look at the film production schools available and see what courses they offer.

Each film production course provides training in the different aspects of film production. Once you get your film production degree, your video production training will pave the way for you to find jobs in video production.

Don’t just do the course though. You need to produce your own work and provide examples of your filmmaking. If you want to get a career in film, have a look at the films Devin Graham has made on the devinsupertramp YouTube channel to get an idea of what you need to be doing.

So, if you want to be the next lead in Star Wars, start looking for those film extra jobs.

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