Free Outdoor Movies Beat Teenage Boredom

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Having nothing to do and nowhere to go can lead teenagers to boredom. A resourceful group of teenagers in Whittlesea Australia are boosting the town’s youth activities, and a free movie screening will be one of its many upcoming events.

Youth in Whittlesea are reliant on activities that happen in the town, as there is no train service. Since the teenagers can’t drive, they have no way of travelling longer distances to find fun activities. Youth are effectively stuck in the town and need activities and places to go to.

Youth Team Show Movies Outdoors

The solution to the teenagers’ boredom came when a group of teenagers established a youth team. The youth team aim to improve youth services in Whittlesea. They have the grand title of the Whittlesea Township Community Building Initiative Youth Community Team. All of the members of the team are intent on alleviating Whittlesea’s teenage boredom.

The youth team, which is comprised of 15 young people aged between 12 and 20, have managed to persuade Whittlesea City Council to keep the Whittlesea Park outdoor swimming pool open over the Easter school holidays.

They are now hosting a free movie screening at the Walker Reserve on the corner of Laurel Street and Forest Street. They hope the free movie screening will keep the town’s youth entertained and off the main street. The movie screens from 7pm and families are welcome. You are encouraged to bring a chair. If it is raining, the screening will be held at the Community Activity Centre, Whittlesea.

Further information about Whittlesea Youth Services Team:
City of Whittlesea Youth Services
Shop 111, Epping Plaza
Cnr High and Cooper Streets, Epping

Set up Your Own Outdoor Movie Show

If you want to know how to set up an outdoor movie show, it is quite easy. There are four main problems that you need to solve.

1.Get a big screen – If you can’t get hold of a large flat white surface that you can project the picture onto, then a large sheet or tarpaulin may do the trick. You will need to be able to suspend it so that everyone can see. The side of a large white truck would work, but you will need the truck owner’s permission. You will also need to find a venue to show the movie outside.
2.Projecting the movie – With the technology available today, you can use a laptop computer with a DVD drive, and a projector. Some projectors can take a direct video and audio feed from a standard DVD player.
3.Sound – Your audience will want to be able to hear the movie. When outdoors, you may need some larger speakers. Think about the neighbours so that you don’t annoy them.
4.Are you allowed to show your movie in public? – Most licencing says that you can not show a movie in public without the proper licence. You can either hold it in private in your back yard, or you will need to work with someone who does have the proper licence. Your local council or village hall may have further information.

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