Games vs Golf – Indoors or Outdoors

golfer at the tee

Which is better? Indoor gaming using virtual reality or playing for real outdoors? Comparing digital golf and real golf courses, I look at what they have to offer.

The imagery in games that are available today is amazing and the movements look so real, almost as if you are watching a television show. It’s so easy to just sit there in your virtual world, but what about doing the real deal outdoors?

The games are so intriguing and so well put together and the sound, just fantastic.

It’s no wonder being sent to your room doesn’t hold as much meaning as it once did. Not just televisions in every room but computers, phones, the internet. So what? You’re in your room. Just so happens this is where you conduct your business, so you can stay in here all day. Sometimes you do.
Not hard to waste a day away playing games or keeping in touch with all your friends on Facebook or any other social network. You start looking into anything that comes into your mind; it is just a great day in age for communication and information being at your fingertips.

I’ve done it myself. Played a few games, chatted on some of my chat channels. Looked up some interesting facts about golf and the history of the game then moved into golf clubs then shoes. Then started dreaming, the PGA Tour or Ryder Cup. Hours go by or even the whole day. You can still do more.

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Why play Golf?

Golf Course
A great sport to get you outside and in the sunshine is golf; it gives you most everything you need in a sport and outdoor activity. At golf clubs across the country, the golf courses and the golf ranges fill as soon as the first nice day gets here, outside in the sunshine.

Did you know that a lack of sunshine, Vitamin D, could lead to heart disease and some cancers? The main reason people don’t get enough sunshine is that they don’t get outdoors enough. You need to get outside, it is good for your health and it makes you feel good.

Golf does just that. 9 holes or 18, they both will get you outside for a good few hours in the good old sunshine. Making your first par is something, at least it was for me. Trust me I never made many.

Wait, you will need a full day or a good part of it to get in a good game of golf, all done outside. Not having golf clubs holds no real excuse as you can rent them at most or any decent golf club. Too easy to make excuses why you cannot do something it is much more fun just to do it.

Boy enjoying playing golf outdoors
Ask your Dad, Mother, Uncle or someone close to you and I bet at least one of them play golf and are more than willing to take you out. Spending more time with family or and friends and actually be with them.

What do I need to Know to Play Golf?

Let us start at the beginning and look at a day of golf with your golf buddy. Like any great day outside, you have some planning to do. Checking the weather station is a good indicator on how and what you will need to bring with you. Having rain gear even on sunny days comes in handy; as it is the same with rainy days, make sure you bring the sunscreen.

Any one that spends time out doors will tell you the weather can change very fast and it is nice to be prepared if you can. A canteen maybe some snacks to take on the course something small just enough to chase the belly growl away.

I know when I go golfing I like to start with a nice breakfast close enough to the golf course so you’re still full but not to full; it is going to get physical.

Doing anything for the first time is somewhat strange, but at one time you never used the internet; now look at you. Your golf buddy will show you what to do and a quick lesson on how to swing your club and how to hold it. Don’t forget the glove. Did your golf buddy bring you one? Ask before you leave.

Golf Buddy

Listen. Watch your friend and try to do what he does. Get ready. Take your shot. Don’t get too worried if it is not as far or straight as your friend’s shot. Learning to play golf can take some time. Have fun. You are there to get outside, enjoy your golf buddies company, learn how to play golf, get some exercise and soak up some sun.

The main part in that message was having fun. Who knows, you may like golf. Millions of people of all ages love the game; you may even be good at it. Now that would be a career move. Did you know that Tiger Woods has made over 95 million dollars in his career. It looks like that will get even higher if Tiger wins the Arnold Palmer Invitational in March.

It’s not really about the golf. Well ok it is but it is so much more. You got outside and enjoyed a great day with your golf buddy. You learned something, shared some laughs. Had some good food and maybe even a nice comfortable car ride to the golf course.

You got some well needed exercise that is for sure those clubs are not going to carry themselves, and that course has some yardage to it. Maybe you’re not Arnold Palmer and you really did not enjoy the game all that much, but wasn’t it fun being with family and friends having fun sharing in real time and not on a computer? You will sleep as if you have never slept before. I promise at the end of the day you will feel like lying down, another good affect of the sun, helps you sleep.

You can enjoy that all the time and if golf is not your sport or outdoor activity, so what? There are tons of things to do in the outdoors? The best part is you have fun meet real people and get healthy all at the same time. Get out and hit a couple a balls down the fairway, and dream of being in the PGA or Ryder Cup.

When is the Ryder Cup?

The Ryder Cup is an international golf competition between two teams; USA and Europe. The Ryder Cup takes place every year at the end of September. The Ryder Cup 2016 golf matches will be held in the United States from September 30 to October 2, 2016, at the Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, Minnesota.

How to cut the Cost of Playing a Round of Golf

Once you start, you won’t want to stop playing golf. The fresh air, healthy walks, personal challenge, and spending time with others. Great for both business and leisure.

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