Glow Sticks and Glow Bands for Seasonal Fun

Glow sticks are fantastic for any outdoor activity at night. They not only provide light, but draw attention to yourself. Glow sticks are ideal for raves, parties, and bonfire night.

What are Glow Sticks?

Glow sticks are made by encasing two chemicals in two tubes, one inside the other. The two chemicals in the glow stick are kept separate. By bending the glow stick, this breaks the inner tube and allows the two chemicals to mix. The mixed chemicals in the glow stick react and glow.

Glow sticks

Glow sticks are safe to use, and last for many hours. You can get glow sticks in several different colours. They differ in brightness, ranging from the yellow and green being the brightest glow sticks, through red and pink to the blue which tends to give out less light.

Everlasting glow sticks

Once the chemical reaction inside a glow stick stops, the glow stick stops glowing. There is a great form of glow stick called a Krill Lamp, or Krill Light. A Krill lamp works in a slightly different way in that it uses a single battery to power the glow stick. This works more in the way of a fluorescent tube. Krill lamps come in 180 and 360 degree forms. You unscrew the bottom and insert an AA battery inside the glow stick.

A Krill lamp is totally waterproof and provides a great diving lamp. It has an eye on the top so that you can tie it onto rope.

Uses for glow sticks

There are many uses for glow sticks. Glow sticks are used for camping, raves and clubbing, safety markers, fishing float tips, fishing lights, diving lights and markers. If you are going to a festival or concert, you will definitely need some glow sticks.

Glow sticks are used by the emergency services, military, outdoors enthusiasts and sporting people, and most notably those who are out at night clubs.

Where to buy glow sticks

You can buy glow sticks from at anytime of the year. Around bonfire night, people buy glow sticks in bulk and get wholesale glow sticks cheap. They then sell them on at bonfire nights and fireworks parties. You will see the street vendors seeling glow sticks and other novelty glow toys on your way in. You will pay a premium for them though.

If you are looking for free glow sticks, find out where the local council is promoting safety advice and the like. They will sometimes give away free
party glow sticks. Perth and Kinross Drug and Alcohol Action Team gave away thousands of free glowsticks bearing an important safety message to festival-goers at T in the Park.

Other forms of glow sticks

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  • Glow sticks and light sticks
  • Glow necklaces
  • Glow stick bracelets
  • Light up glasses and glow glasses
  • Glow Pens
  • Glow wands
  • Glow rings
  • Glow stars
  • Glow keyrings
  • Glow earrings
  • Glow flashing novelties

So whatever your occasion, if you want to stand out from the crowd,buy some glow sticks.

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