Go Ape Battersea Brings Outdoor Adventure into the City

Go Ape Battersea
Go Ape In Battersea Park is First in the City

At long last the highly successful high ropes adventure company Go Ape has secured a location in central London. Located in Battersea Park next to the River Thames, you can now experience the delight of swinging through the treetops and down exhilarating zip wires without having to leave the capital.
Londoners and businesses now have a fantastic opportunity to treat those they value with Go Ape Gift vouchers, or companies can join hundreds of other businesses by hosting their clients or team building days at a central London venue that will allow teams to think differently.
I ventured out to discover how Go Ape Battersea compares to the 30 other Go Ape sites located in forests across the UK and USA.

What is Go Ape?

Established in 2002, Go Ape offers up to three hours of tree top adventure. Go Ape takes one lush, green forest and a healthy dollop of breathtaking scenery; blend with a smattering of tree-top high wires, tricky crossings (using ladders, walkways, bridges and tunnels made of wood, rope and super-strong wire) and wind-in-your-face zip wires; and finish off with a liberal dose of people in search of their inner Tarzan.

Getting there

Go Ape Battersea is located in the South Eastern corner of Battersea Park. Battersea is renowned for its iconic power station (which is now being converted into luxury apartments) and of course the Battersea Dogs Home.
The car parking in Battersea Park costs about £2.59 per hour, so you are going to need to park for at least 2 hours if you want to complete the full Go Ape Battersea ropes course.

How Does Go Ape Battersea Compare to Other Go Ape Locations?

Firstly, and most importantly, Go Ape Battersea is the first Go Ape location in central London. They do have a Go Ape location at Trent Park near Cockfosters, but that is a bit of a trek by tube to get there from the city.
Just having an outdoor adventure activity of this sort in the city of London is a landmark move. This aligns with my philosophy of bringing the activities to the people rather than rely on the people trekking out into the countryside to find the activities.

Go Ape Battersea
Go Ape In Battersea Park is First in the City

Go Ape Battersea is perfect for getting teenagers, kids, big kids adults to be active outdoors. It is easy to get to, and is located right next to a great café. The pizza there is absolutely fabulous!
Since Go Ape Battersea is located in a smaller area than the usual forest, it has been quite cleverly designed as a series of three ascending loops. Each loop gets higher and progressively more challenging.
The Go Ape course has to use three huge upright poles as well as the trees to support the treetop ropes course. Unlike other ropes courses that use poles, Go Ape Battersea has tastefully used the trees and surroundings and looks great.
It towers above the children’s playground and crazy golf course.

Another unique feature of the Go Ape course in Battersea Park is the aerial bark pits at the end of the zip wires. In the forest Go Ape courses, your speed down the zip wire is slowed by ending in a big pile of bark chips. You often end up with your pants full of chippings. The end of the zip wires at Battersea are up in the trees, so they have cunningly designed big boxes of bark that are bolted firmly to the trees.
The safety system that is used at Go Ape Battersea is the same as the one used for the Go Ape Junior and also Up at the O2 where you walk over the top of it. Once you are attached, there is no way you can fall off. This means that all you have to think about is how to get across each obstacle.
Zip Wire Go Ape Battersea
So, what do I think? I think that Go Ape has triumphed yet again. This very tastefully designed treetop ropes course is a long awaited outdoor activity adventure that teenagers and adults in the city will love. It provides that access to physical activity, and introduces people to a way to move more whilst having serious fun.
If you like Go Ape Battersea, you will love Go Ape across the rest of the UK and US. If you like zip wires, you have to try the Go Ape Zip Trekking adventure at Grizedale Forest in the Lake District. And if you love Segways, well Go Ape provide those as well on off road all terrain Segways through the forests.

Interested? You can book now on the Go Ape website, or buy gift vouchers.

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