Hang Gliding Experience

Hang Gliding on an Experience Day
Hang Gliding off the Downs

Hang Gliding is a great sport where you fly by hanging suspended from a triangular shaped canvas wing.

Skills – Strength: 7, Balance: 7, Flexibility: 4, Agility: 5, Coordination: 7
Time needed: travelling time + 1 hour, Cost to try: £145

Hang gliding is an air sport in which a pilot flies a light and unmotorized foot-launchable aircraft called a hang glider. Most modern hang gliders are made of an aluminium alloy or composite-framed fabric wing.

The pilot is ensconced in a harness depending from the airframe, and exercises control by shifting body weight in opposition to a control frame, but other devices, including modern aircraft flight control systems, may be used.

In the sport’s early days, pilots were restricted to gliding down small hills on low-performance hang gliders. However, modern technology gives pilots the ability to soar for hours, gain thousands of feet of altitude in thermal updrafts, perform aerobatics, and glide cross-country for hundreds of miles.

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