Horse Riding

Horse Riding is just what it says, but there are a range of equestrian activities to try, including riding, jumping, dressage and racing.

If you are interested in going horse riding, one of the first things to learn is how to look after a horse. You can however go riding without taking on the responsibility of looking after a horse. You can hire horses and ponies from riding schools and equestrian centres where the horses are looked after by the staff. However, you may only be happy if you are riding a horse that you have spend time grooming and caring for.

Horses for Sale – Choosing a Horse

Choosing a horse involves making sure that your horse is the right size and temperament for you. If you are learning to ride a horse you will not want to have to train the horse first. You will want a horse that has already been trained and is good natured.

When looking at the size of a horse, ideally, your feet should hang a little above the horse’s girth when you are mounted. It is a good idea to choose a horse that is a little bigger than you need instead buying a horse for sale that is a little smaller.

Undoubtedly, British native breeds of horse are the best all round horse. Many of the best riding horses are not thoroughbred horses, but are crossbreed horses.

Horse Riding Schools and Horse Riding Lessons

horse riding

Horse riding schools are not only a good way to learn how to ride a horse, but also provide a horse with regular exercise. Regular planned schooling and exercise is essential to keeping a horse fit and alert.

If you want to learn how to ride a horse, you will need horse riding lessons. There are several approaches you can take, which mainly depend on how much money you have. If you are fortunate to be well off, then you could go out and buy your own horse and look after it yourself in your own horse stables. You will need to buy all of the horse tack, horse saddles, and other horse riding gear. You will also need a considerable pot of money kept aside for vets bills. Even if you have the money to spend, you shouldn’t buy your own horse unless you know how to look after a horse.

The best way to start horse riding is to see whether you actually enjoy horse riding. Look around for a horse riding school where they can take you out on horse riding trails. Find out if you can have a taster horse riding lesson, just to see what it is like. That way you can get an idea of what is involved in grooming a horse, how to put on the horse tack (saddle and collar etc), and what it is like to sit on a horse while it is walking. You may find at this stage that horse riding is not for you, but at least you won’t have spent much money finding out.

Riding schools have their own styles of teaching you about horse riding. Some have organised lessons that covers knowledge of the horse itself, how to groom a horse, and also how to ride a horse. Some horse riding schools will allow you to loan a horse. This is where you pay a small amount of money to turn up once a week and look after the horse. In return you get to ride the horse and have a horse riding lesson.

Stable Management

If you do decide to buy a horse, you will need to know all about stable management. This includes how to look after the horse, looking after the stable, feeding and watering the horse, mucking out, and how to look after all of the tack. It is a big undertaking.

Buy Horse Riding Gear

If you want to introduce your friends to horse riding, perhaps you would like to organise a horse riding party.

Whatever choice you make, remember that horse riding is a partnership between you and that horse.

Hoof Ride is the British Equestrian Federation website that explains absolutely everything you ever wanted to know about getting into horse riding, or any equestrian activity. Whether you are new to the sport, or returning after not horse riding for a while, have a look.

Horse Riding Holidays and Vacations

If you decide that you don’t want the responsibility of owning a horse, instead of buying a horse, you could just go on lots of horse riding holidays worldwide. Horse riding on the beach is exceptional fun, especially if it is in a holiday destination you like.

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