Insanely Fast Grass Karting

grass kart

Before go karts had engines put in them, a go kart or grass kart consisted of a few bits of wood and some pram wheels.  You sit on it a few inches above the ground and tear down a hill, using your feet to steer.  If you bothered, you might put a brake on it.

Here’s what you do with a ski run when it doesn’t have any snow on it.
Get yourself and your mates a few grass karts and feel the speed with a spot of grass kart racing.  This video shows the thrills and spills you can have.

To make a grass kart, you start by bolting two planks together in a T shape. Attach two wheels to the cross piece. At the bottom of the T, you will need to attach another plank but in such a way as to allow it to turn. This will be your front. Attach the two other wheels to it.

Job done! Now all you need to do is test it…

The Best Grass Karts to Buy

This type of all terrain kart is constructed in strong exterior grade plywood with stainless-steel hardware. It has powerful dual brakes that operate independently on both rear wheels. It has quick-release R Clips on the wheels and steerer to enable the all terrain kart to fit into your car. The adjustable padded seat back can accommodate 14-70 year olds.

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