Laser Tag at Home and Outdoors

Laser Tag

Laser Tag is a great game you can play with your friends indoors or outdoors. You can buy laser tag gear and organise your own battles, or go to a laser tag arena. Find out the differences between indoor and outdoor laser tag, and what is the best kit to buy to do it yourself.’, ‘

Indoor Laser Tag

By Eric Gaizat, Director of Membership Services for the International Laser Tag Association.

As cold winds blow from coast to coast here in the United States, the natural inclination of most young adults is to sit at home, watch television or spend countless hours in front of their computer playing their favourite video game. While sitting at a computer desk may be fun, it isn’t near as fun as actually getting inside the game. The game I’m talking about is laser tag.

Most major cities have at least one laser tag arena in them, with varying sizes and themes. Players can immerse themselves in intense, heart-pumping action that makes them the hero of their local arena. Nothing comes close to the thrill of the laser tag experience and it is an excellent way to lose some unwanted pounds!

The laser tag experience starts when you walk in the facility. Many locations are themed to provide what we in the industry call ‘the WOW Factor’ so that the minute you walk in, you are creating an experience that will not soon be forgotten as the themes for laser tag facilities range from space-age environments to jungle adventures and everything in between.

Once you purchase your game pass, you will be briefed on how the game is played and the rules that you must abide by. Next, it’s time to suit up in your laser tag vest. Each pack will have a name or number to remember so that each player has his or her own identity in the field of play and at the end of the game, scorecards or a score monitor will display your scores and ranking among the other players. After that, it’s game time!

Black-lit environments with pulsating music, lighting and sound effects, lasers zipping past you in a haze filled arena are just a few of the exciting things that will keep you moving and thrilled until the game is over. Even if you are new to the experience of laser tag, two games will get you addicted to the thrill and excitement that has you coming back for more.
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Most games are played as team vs. team or solo ‘every person for themselves’ missions, though many facilities have the ability to play various other games that can enhance both team building and experience overall. Points are scored when one individual ‘tags’ or ‘zaps’ another player’s vest with their phaser’s laser. The team with the most points at the end of the timeframe of the game wins.

Games can last anywhere between five minutes or up to a half an hour, depending on the location and specials going at the time. After three or four missions, it is definitely noticeable that people are burning calories.

The average laser tag game costs around seven dollars per session and many facilities run specials throughout the week that can discount multiple game purchases or even ‘all-you-can-play nights’ for a nominal fee.

So what are you waiting for? You can find a great list of locations near you by visiting . Nearly all facilities run group rates, birthday parties, and corporate events, so that anyone from seven to seventy can have a great experience and get a little more fit by a real-life video game experience.

Outdoor Laser Tag

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Advances in technology allows laser tag to be played outdoors, in woodland and even in bright sunshine. The technology is even used by the military for training purposes. This provides a cleaner alternative to paintball, unless of course you go crawling through the mud!

The laser tag guns have a far better range than a paintball gun, being able to hit a target up to 600m away.

For information on where to play laser tag outdoors and indoors, have a look at the laser tag sites listed below:

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