Model Rockets

Model rockets are not just the water launched stomp rockets, but they are powered by a rocket motor that propels them up to 500 metres into the sky, coming back to Earth via a parachute to be used again (by adding a new motor pack.

Skills – Strength: 1, Balance: 1, Flexibility: 1, Agility: 1, Coordination: 1
Time needed: 30mins to an hour, Cost to try: £5+ depending on the rocket

A model rocket is a small rocket capable of being launched by anybody, to generally low altitudes (usually to around 100-500 m (300-1500 ft) for a 30 g (1 oz.) model) and recovered by a variety of means.

According to the National Association of Rocketry, (NAR) Safety Code, model rockets are constructed of paper, wood, plastic and other lightweight materials. The code also provides guidelines for motor use, launch site selection, launch methods, launcher placement, recovery system design and deployment and more.

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