Choosing the Best Power Kites That You Can Handle

You’ve flown a stunt kite. Now you want to fly a kite with a bit more fun and excitement. Power Kites have enough pull to lift you up into the air and are used for kite surfing, kite boarding kite buggying and snow kiting. How do you decide which power kite to buy?

What is a power kite?

A power kite is a soft canopy kite that provides enough pull and traction to lift you off your feet. Power kites are used in a range of extreme sports for pulling you along. These include:

  • Kite Surfing is an extreme sport where you use a power kite to pull you across water whilst standing on a specialist power kiting surf board.
  • Kite boarding is where you use a power kite to pull you along whilst you are mountain boarding.
  • Kite buggying is a sport where you sit in a buggy and use a power kite to pull you along a beach.
  • Snow kiting is an extreme sport where you use a power kite to pull you along on your snowboard.
  • Power Kites for ShipsPower kites are so powerful that you can tow ships with a power kite.

Choosing a power kite

There are several key players supplying power kites, including Flexifoil, HQ, Ozone and Peter Lynn. The key characteristics of power kites are whether they have two or four line (quad line) control, and how big they are.

Two lines or four lines?

The main two lines on a power kite are used for steering it. If you pull the left line the power kite goes left. If you pull the right line the power kite goes right. On four line power kites, there are two additional lines that are attached to the trailing edge of the kite. These are the brake lines. The brake lines on a power kite are used for reducing the amount of pull the power kite is giving, and also for bringing the power kite down.

On four line power kites, you control the power kite using two bars, one for the left, one for the right. The top lines are for power, the lower lines are the brake lines. Some power kites also have bungee cords that attach to your wrists to act as a safety device. When you let go of the control bars, the bungees release the power lines and pull on the brake lines which brings the power kite down.

Kiteboarding with a power kite Getting some air with a power kite

Power Kite Sizes

The size of power kite you choose depends on your body weight, fitness and the strength of wind you will be flying your power kite in. Flexifoil power kites come in a range of sizes.

Flexifoil Buzz

This power kite is suitable for ages 5 to 95. The 2-line Flexifoil Buzz is the perfect first power kite. Simple, robust and set up ready to fly straight out of the bag – all you have to do is unwind the lines.

Great in winds from 10mph up to 30mph, you will be able to practise precision flying with manageable power in all weathers making this the perfect fun family kite that you can fly time and time again.

Flexifoil Big Buzz

The Buzz’s big brother. With a 2m wingspan, the BIG Buzz creates a strong but manageable pull across the sky. This gives you a more radical experience, with the same user friendliness as the Buzz.

The BIG Buzz is ideal for older kids, teenagers and anyone who wants to have fun with a traction kite that
will pull them in stronger winds. No trip to the beach or park is complete without the Buzz or BIG Buzz.

Flexifoil Sting

Flexifoil’s entry-level 4-line power kite. Designed to provide a precision flying experience, perfect for learning to fly on 4-lines and bridging the gap into the world of traction kiting (skidding, buggying or landboarding). Available with 4-line handles or a 2-line bar.

The Flexifoil Sting power kite comes in several sizes.

  • 1.2m The most junior of the Sting power kites, guaranteed to keep you smiling long after you have finished flying for the day.
  • 1.7m Gives more power to your moves and introduces the traction element to your flying. Perfect for the younger first-time flyer wanting to get into power kiting.
  • 2.4m This is where power kiting can become a reality. With a good wind, the 2.4m Sting power kite is powerful enough to move you on a mountain board or buggy. You will start to get a real sense of power in your kite flying.
  • 3.3m Flexifoil’s new 3.3m size bridges the gap between recreational static flying and zooming along in a buggy or mountain board. This kite is the perfect first time power kite – if you’re keen on progressing with kite sports then this is the best way to learn.

Flexifoil Rage

A full on 4-line traction kite. The Rage power kite provides fantastic grunt in all sizes and is the ideal first power kite for older teens or adults who want a kite that they can learn with, yet with enough power to use with a buggy or mountain board. The Rage power kite can propel you up to great speeds with a buggy or mountain board. It is the power kite of choice for all kiters wishing to harness the elements.

Available in five sizes sizes from 1.8m to 6m, with either 4-line handles or 4-line bar.

Please seek advice on which size to go for, but for most adults the 2.5m or 3.5m is the right place to start.

Supplied ready to fly with all you need to get power kiting. A legend amongst kite flyers. Pure fun, pure adrenalin, pure power!

Flexifoil Blade IV

The Blade IV is not a power kite for the feint hearted – it is seriously powerful and designed for the most extreme power kiting activities. Flexifoil Blades have an exciting history – sailing the first kitesurfers across the English channel, pulling explorers across the South Pole, and powering our outrageous freestyle buggy team.

The BladeIV is an ideal second kite in your kite bag, best suited for people with some previous flying experience!

It is available in four sizes from 4m to 8.5m. If you already have a Rage then you can buy the BladeIV power kite only and fly it on your Rage lines. Due to the awesome power of the BladeIV, you may need to
upgrade your lines in strong winds.

Find Out More About Flying Power Kites

You don’t have to buy the best power kite to have fun. Kids stunt kites provide plenty of entertainment for kids of all ages.
For more information on the Flexifoil range of kites, check out the Flexifoil website at for videos and more. Or you could go and buy a power kite from Amazon.