Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards to Get You On the Water More

Stand up paddle boarding in the sea

Fancy standing on a surfboard but don’t like the idea of big waves? Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) gives you the ability to get out on the water and control where you go with a spot of paddling. What’s more, you don’t even have to lug around a massive board on the roof of your car anymore because you can rent inflatable stand up paddle boards delivered to your door nationwide in the UK. Fits easily in the boot of your car to add a bit of adventure to your weekend outing with friends or family.

What is stand up paddle boarding?

Stand up paddle boarding involves standing up on a board that floats on water and using a paddle to move around. The paddle board looks similar to a surf board and is made from glass-reinforced plastic around a polyurethane or expanded polystyrene foam core.

Guy Fisher, Director of SUP Rentals Ltd in the UK explains, “Stand-up paddling has become one of the fastest growing sports all over the world. The water based activity can be enjoyed on any pool of water, be it a river, lake or sea at any time. In addition to the fun that can be had, it is a great sport that provides full body and low impact exercise which improves body balance and overall strength.

How was stand up paddle boarding invented?

Stand up paddle boarding was said to have originated on the African coast where people stood up in their dugout canoes to get a better view of what was around them, especially looking out for danger. This is the reason that lifeguards also use stand up paddle boards to look out for anyone who might need help and to be able to quickly get to them.

Another reason that stand up paddle boarding came into favour as a sport was in Hawaii where it was adopted as a different way to go surfing when there weren’t many big waves. SUP enables you to practice your surfing technique and balance in the sea when there isn’t much swell.

Due to the stability of stand up paddle boards, they have become increasingly popular as a recreational activity, allowing you to get unique views of nature from the water.

Couple on stand up paddle boards on a lake in the Fall
You can go stand up paddle boarding on any body of water – lakes, rivers and the sea

What do you wear for stand up paddle boarding?

You can wear whatever you want for stand up paddle boarding, however you might want to think about the temperature and getting wet if you fall in.

In warmer weather, T shirt and shorts will be just fine, but if the water is a bit cold for you, a wetsuit may be required. You can buy wetsuits or rent them from the place you rent your board from.

Where Can I Try Stand up Paddle Boarding in the UK?

Being an island, the UK is a great place to try stand up paddle boarding. There are an enormous range of places where you can go to hire one. But if you fancy trying stand up paddle boarding on a patch of water near you and there isn’t a board hire shop nearby, you can now get a paddle board delivered to your door!

SUP Rentals Ltd in the UK – Stand up Paddle Boards for Hire and Delivered to Your Door

SUP Rentals Ltd is an Oxfordshire based stand up paddle board hire business offering inflatable paddle boards to rent in the UK.

SUP boards are larger boards and the desire to travel with them has led to the development of an inflatable system where the board and pump can be carried in a back pack.

SUP Rentals Ltd offers the rent of stand up paddleboards from one day, up to two weeks with prices starting at £15 per day per paddle board.

Each stand up paddleboard – the Zray Tourer Elite 330 cm / 10’6” – is perfect for adults or families and comes with its own pump, ensuring quick and easy inflation.

The inflatable stand up paddle boards are lightweight and pack down in to a rucksack and the company will deliver to the customer via courier to their doorstep – or customers can collect from their base in Oxfordshire.

Inflatable stand up paddle board in a bag
Rent an inflatable stand up paddle board delivered to your door

The inflatable stand up paddle boards can be rolled up and packed in a lightweight pack for easy transportation. The boards are safe and durable, with a more rigid construction technology than other inflatable boards currently on the market. SUP Rentals have a long history in renting equipment for water based activities and the quality of their equipment and safety of their customers is second to none. It is awesome to be able to rent a stand up paddle board that is delivered right to your door. In addition, when hiring the SUP boards, life jackets and dry bags can be reserved through the online booking process.

If you want to buy your own inflatable stand up paddle board in the UK, it will set you back around £500. You can buy them from stores such as Decathlon, Surf Boutique or Amazon.

The Great Social Stand Up Paddle Boarding Trip

Going stand up paddle boarding with friends
Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a great way to spend time outdoors with friends

Stand up paddle boarding is pretty straightforward and easy to learn. The boards are very stable and make for a great way to spend your recreational time at the weekends with friends. You can go online and rent a couple of inflatable boards, get them delivered to your door and then have some fun at the weekend.

If you are still wondering if it is easy to learn how to stand up paddle board, this Youtube video explains everything for you.

Video of How to Stand Up Paddle BoardIf you want to find out more or to rent a stand up paddle board, contact SUP Rentals Ltd at

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