Waboba Ball That Bounces on Water

Catching a Waboba Ball

Playing with a Waboba Ball that bounces on water is one of the best things to do at the beach with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or any friends. The Waboba Ball is one of the best fun toys to play with in the sea.

The Ball that bounces on water

If you are wondering what fun things you can do at the beach with your friends this summer, then what you need is a Waboba Ball. The Waboba Ball is a great toy ball hat has been designed specifically to bounce and float on water. This adds a whole new dimension to ball games you can play at the beach or in the pool. The Waboba Ball is made of polymer gel and has a elastane coating. The mix of different gels makes the ball bounce and float on water.

Waboba Ball Trick Shots Video on YouTube

The Waboba Ball is about the size of a golf ball. Now you can play throwing and catching games in the sea with your friends when you go to the beach. Unlike a tennis ball, you can throw a Waboba ball to your friends so that it bounces several times on the water. It is a bit like skimming stones.

The Waboba ball opens up a whole new set of games to play at the beach. You can see how many times you can get the Waboba Ball to bounce on the water before it stops, or you could just play throw and catch with your friends.

The key features of the Waboba Ball are that it is cheap to buy, easy to get one, it is the only ball that bounces on water, it floats in water (so you don’t have to rummage around trying to find it), and is a fantastic way to have fun at the beach.

Where to buy a Waboba Ball

Waboba ball that bounces on water

There are several different types of Waboba ball. The basic Waboba Surf ball is the perfect starter Waboba ball for families and kids. The Waboba Extreme Wild ball has been designed to bounce on water even better. Then there is the Waboba Pro, which is engineered for sport performance. It is slightly larger and heavier than the Waboba Extreme, which gives it superior control and accuracy. It is ideal for advanced players and strong arms who want to step up their game.

There is also the Waboba Moon ball for those who prefer to bounce their balls extremely high on land.

If you want to buy yourself a Waboba Ball for hours of fun bouncing the ball on the water with your friends, then go and buy a Waboba Ball from Amazon.co.uk.

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