fishing with mum

Flying The Flag For Fishing

September 19, 2016 Rob Sayers 0

Angling’s largest participation programme, National Fishing Month (NFM), continues to set the benchmark for fishing participation initiatives, following the introduction of nearly 14,000 new people [Read More…]

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Cave Diving

April 26, 2004 Rob Sayers 0

Pot holing with lots of water. Only for those who know what they are doing and have all of the right kit.

Big fishing


February 16, 2004 Rob Sayers 0

Fishing is an ancient practice, and eating fish has been attributed to human intelligence (Omega 3 fish oils). There are numerous types of fishing or [Read More…]

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Free Diving

November 24, 2003 Rob Sayers 0

This is not talking about the cost. free diving involves diving without the aid of any breathing apparatus. This is a significant physical skill, and [Read More…]