Waterwalkerz Water Sphering

Water Sphering on water

Waterwalkerz is the craze that is spreading across swimming pools and water sports lakes around the world. Waterwalkerz is the transfer of sphering to water. You get to run around inside a massive hamster ball on a swimming pool or lake. You will have huge fun.

Skills – Strength: 1, Balance: 1, Flexibility: 1, Agility: 1, Coordination: 1
Time needed: 30 mins, Cost to try: £3.50′, ‘

What are Waterwalkerz?

Waterwalkerz human hamster balls are proving a huge success all over the UK, and indeed around the world in swimming pools, holiday parks, scout activity centres, lakes, beaches – where ever there is water!

Some people have said that Waterwalkerz are like sphering on water, or even sphering in water.


Waterwalkerz allow children and adults to run, roll, spin and flip on water. It’s great fun and also is fantastic way to get fit and active. It takes a few times (and a lot more deep breaths) to master the technique – and once you are running around you are still going to have a great workout!

Why go Water Sphering?

One lucky girl who tried Waterwalkerz, 10-year-old Lauren Holcombe, said: “It was so cool all my friends at school will be jealous and want to try!”

Linogen Lusei, a second-year primary school student, said: “I enjoyed this a lot and I wish I could do it again.”

And it’s not just the young kids who are having fun playing the hamster on water; Liam Farmer, 19, from Aston Vale Club for Young People, said: It’s a fantastic experience and would recommend it to anyone – especially as a fun way to exercise.”

How do I Get Started?

There is nothing much to watersphering. All you do is stand inside the ball at the edge of the water while the supervisor zips it up around you. the supervisor then inserts an air tube and inflates the Waterwalker. Once it is fully inflated, the air hose is removed and the watersphere sealed. You are then released onto the water.

What to do

It is up to you what you do inside the water walker. Some people try running, which usually ends up with you falling over alot. You could try moving in a particular direction. If there is more than one of you doing Waterwalkerz, you can play chase or try to bump each other to make the other person fall over. Just remember, there is only a set amount of air in it, so after a while you start using up the oxygen. The supervisor will tell you when to return to shore.

Where to go

You can have a go at Waterwalkerz at most swimming pools. They are appearing more and more at lakes, and at places with watersports venues such as Center Parcs.

Learn how to Water Sphere

There’s nothing to learn really.

What Waterwalker Gear do I Need?

To have a go at Waterwalkerz, you will need to go to a swimming pool or lake where someone provides Waterwalkerz sessions or Waterwalkerz parties. You will need your swimming costume. The leisure provider will provide the inflatable Waterwalkerz ball, and the electrical air pump and hose required to inflate it once you are inside it.

Go Water Sphering with Waterwalkerz

If you fancy Waterwalkerz, visit your local swimming pool to find out if they do it there. If you are on holiday at Center Parcs, you can do water sphering.

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