Go Ape USA

Go Ape tree top adventure

Take to the trees in the US with this amazing tree top forest adventure and speed down thrilling zip wires. They’re part of an exciting course of rope bridges, Tarzan swings and crossings; all set up to 120 feet above the forest floor. The experience gets the adrenalin pumping, gets people out of their comfort zones and above all (no pun intended), it’s just great fun.

What is Go Ape?

Young Girl on a Go Ape Zip Wire

Following the huge success of Go Ape in the UK, Go Ape now offers up to three hours of tree top adventure across the US. Go Ape takes one lush, green forest and a healthy dollop of breathtaking scenery; blend with a smattering of tree-top high wires, tricky crossings (using ladders, walkways, bridges and tunnels made of wood, rope and super-strong wire) and wind-in-your-face zip wires; and finish off with a liberal dose of people in search of their inner Tarzan.

In case you didn’t know, you can now Go Ape in the US. Go Ape have locations at:

  • Creve Coeur Park – St. Louis, MissouriNumber of sections – 5
    Longest Zip Wire – 400 feet
    Longest Crossing – 63 feet
    Total Length – 2,610 feet
    Number of Crossings – 34
    Highest Point – 40 feet
  • Eagle Creek Park – Indianapolis, IndianaNumber of sections – 5
    Longest Zip Wire – 452 feet
    Longest Crossing – 43 feet
    Total Length – 2,395 feet
    Number of Crossings – 39
    Highest Point – 41 feet
  • Freedom Park – Williamsburg, Virginia, near Richmond & Hampton RoadsNumber of sections – 5
    Longest Zip Wire – 600 feet
    Longest Crossing – 54 feet
    Total Length – 2,099 feet
    Number of Crossings – 37
    Highest Point – 40 feet
  • Lums Pond State Park – Bear, Delaware, near Wilmington & PhiladelphiaNumber of sections – 5
    Longest Zip Wire – 700 feet
    Longest Crossing – 57 feet
    Total Length – 3,166 feet
    Number of Crossings – 37
    Highest Point – 48 feet
  • North Park – Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaNumber of sections – 5
    Longest Zip Wire – 440 feet
    Longest Crossing – 60 feet
    Total Length – 2,631 feet
    Number of Crossings – 41
    Highest Point – 40 feet
  • Rock Creek Park – Rockville, Maryland, near Washington DCNumber of sections – 6
    Longest Zip Wire – 400 feet
    Longest Crossing – 52 feet
    Total Length – 2,145 feet
    Number of Crossings – 44
    Highest Point – 50 feet

Explore the US treetop adventures and zip wires at Go Ape USA. You can Book a session at Go Ape in the US on the Go Ape USA website.

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