How to use Glow Sticks and Pringles Tubes for Fun in the Dark

You can have some great fun in the dark by using a glow stick inside a Pringles tube to create a light that can only be seen from a certain direction. Perfect for night time treasure hunts, nocturnal orienteering, wide games or even as a Halloween lantern.

Treasure hunts with a Twist

Treasure hunts are fun for all ages. Run around following clues to race to the end and win a prize. But you always want to do something different. So, you can make your treasure hunts memorable by using glow sticks and Pringles tubes.

How to set up a night time treasure hunt

You are going to need some Pringles tubes and some glow sticks. Bit obvious really. All you do is stick the glow stick inside the empty Pringles tube (yes, you will unfortunately have to eat all of the Pringles first). You then need to mount the tube on its side so that you can only see the glow stick when you are standing facing the open end of the tube.

You can then place the glowing tubes around your treasure trail. You then need to give each treasure hunter directions so that they will stand in a place where they can see only the next glow stick tube in the series. When they get to that tube, they can then get the next clue.

You can use your imagination to adapt the idea to suit the players. You can even cut holes in the side of the tube to make a Halloween lantern.

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Where to get glow sticks

Amazon is your friend. In the UK, you can buy glow sticks from or if you are in the US, buy glow sticks from

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