Extreme Downhill Daring – Street Luge and Downhill Skateboarding

skyline luge
Street Luge can be as fast or sedate as you want


Fancy lying down on a bit of wood inches from the ground and hurling yourself at 80mph downhill? Street Luge is an insane sport where you hurtle downhill at speeds of 80mph on your back a few inches above the ground. Street Luge originated in California and is now an official sport.

Street luge basically involves a long board style of skateboard, a hill, and lying down on the street luge to hopefully make it all the way to the bottom. Corners, bumps and other road users will test your skill and stupidity, or should that be bravery.

Modern street luge boards are longer than a longboard, with wider skateboard trucks and bigger wheels in order to maximise stability and speed.

A street luge racer lies on his back on the board with his feet pointing downhill. You steer by shifting your weight to one side or the other. To slow down you have to use you feet as brakes, which requires some very thick soled shoes.

skyline luge
Street Luge can be as fast or sedate as you want

Because street luge is a tad dangerous, racers wear motorbike leathers and a helmet. Coming off a street luge at 80 mph is not something you want to experience wearing normal clothing.

To find out more about street luge check out the Street Luge UK website

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