Sustainable Development Strategy for Les Arcs

Litter free mountains in Les Arcs

French ski resort of Les Arcs-Bourg Saint Maurice has announced that it will commit to the ‘Flocon Vert’ label, as the resort continues to grow its sustainable development strategy.

Les Arcs-Bourg Saint Maurice commits to the ‘Flocon Vert’ label and a sustainable development strategy

The ‘Flocon Vert’ ( was created in 2011 by the ‘Mountain Riders’ association, which has been working for over 20 years to help support mountain resorts work towards more sustainable operations. The label is issued based on fulfilling 20 criteria divided into four themes: local economy, social & cultural, governance and destination, environment and natural resources.

By joining the ‘Flocon Vert’ approach, Les Arcs – Bourg Saint Maurice is pledging to becoming more eco-responsible and make environmental issues a corner stone of its future development.

Where it all began 

In 1968, when Roger Godino and Charlotte Perriand designed Les Arcs resort, preserving the natural environment was always one of the pillars of their plan for the resort. As visionaries, they both knew that the mountains needed to be protected and their designs reflected this. Now, as Les Arcs celebrates its jubilee, the resort continues this ethos, remaining faithful to its history of acting in favour of the mountain ecology.

Continuing the commitment 

For many years Les Arcs – Bourg Saint Maurice has been constantly involved in sustainable development. These include major investments like the funicular, which offers a more eco-friendly transport option from towns to ski slopes, and ‘Cap Energie‘, an ambitious plan to reduce energy consumption by the municipal buildings such as the swimming pool. In the ski area too, ecological questions are

integrated into each new project. For example, when the Aiguille Rouge cable car station was renovated, solar panels were installed in the roof.

New commitments 

Les Arcs – Bourg Saint Maurice are now seeking to improve their communication with skiers and holiday makers. They want to run awareness campaigns that will encourage holiday makers to change their behaviour in terms of eco-responsibility. They will soon launch a digital campaign called ‘Collectif Les Arcs’,

where each person can give ideas of how the resort can become more responsible. Each idea will be taken into account and the best will be put into action at the end of the season. Finally ‘Le Grand Nettoyage‘, a day dedicated to

waste collection in the ski area is organised every year in June. Each year more than 200 p

Keeping the mountains in Les Arcs clean and green
Beware of the consequences!

eople participate. The event will happen again in 2020.

‘Flocon Vert‘ – a label of excellence


By committing to the ‘Flocon Vert, Les Arcs – Bourg Saint Maurice promise to clearly outline its objectives in terms of reducing its impact on the environment, and coordinating it actions at ground level.

This approach will bring together all of the stakeholders in the resort to play their part in preparing a sustainable development strategy. The Flocon Vert promotes tourist destinations who have an advanced sustainable development policy – it is a label of excellence on environmental and social issues.

The process goes through an initial audit phase and field analysis. 21 criteria, defined by the ‘Mountain Riders‘ association in consultation with 70 experts on the issues of sustainable development, tourism and the mountains. They are divided into four main themes:

–      Local Economy

–      Social and Cultural

–      Governance and Destintation

–      Environment and Natural Resources


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