The Complete Guide To Planning An Epic “Stag Do”

Guys enjoying a beer on a stag do
The best stag do isn't just about the drinking

So your best friend just got engaged to the love of his life. With celebrations and happiness galore, he picked you to be his best man. That makes you in-charge of so many wedding decisions and planning, but most of all, it makes you responsible for throwing the best bash for the groom-to-be before he exchanges vows with his fiancée.

However, after the initial excitement and elation on being picked for this important role sinks in, a mild panic starts to kick in. After all, putting together an epic party can be quite a daunting task, especially when it is supposed to celebrate the groom’s singledom.

Guys enjoying a beer on a stag do
The best stag do isn’t just about the drinking

If you are going into a full-on panic mode, settle down. Here is a complete guide to help you throw your friend a stag do that not only him, but all the groomsmen and guests will remember forever. This complete stag to do list takes you step by step through how to throw the best stag party ever.

Stag Do to do List

Before the Stag Do

Gauge The Groom’s Mood

Before you go all out planning an extravagant stag party, chat up with the groom to gauge his mood. Figure out if he has certain expectations or if there are things he doesn’t agree with.

If you plan any surprises, ask the groom first if he likes the idea. If yes, then arrange for some tasteful entertainment. However, if all he wants is to chill with his friends, stock fine alcohol, plan a bar crawl and activities to suit his liking.

But be very subtle about it. You don’t want to ruin the party surprise by spilling all the details or involving the groom with the planning. He already has a wedding to plan.

Start Early

Checklist for stag do
Checklist for planning an epic stag do

Stag parties are an elaborate affair. From rounding up on a venue, rolling out invites and planning the activities, there is so much to do. The wise course of action is starting early. Don’t leave the planning until the last minute. Are you going to plan a stag day or stag weekend? The sooner you start, the better you’ll have everything planned out. You might also be able to find good deals on stag party packages and overseas deals.

Set A Budget

Stag parties can get too expensive too soon. To save yourself from draining all your savings, set a budget and stick to it. If you deem it necessary, you may politely ask the groomsmen to chip in their share, but under no circumstances must you ask the groom to pay for the stag. It is a party for him. He anyway has an expensive wedding to pay for.

Pick A Venue

Once you have the groom’s inputs and a budget, loop in the groomsmen to choose a stag theme if that is what you are going for. If you are going to skip the theme, make sure the party is entertaining enough. Picking out the venue is crucial to that.

Depending upon your budget, you can either spend the stag weekend overseas in lively European cities or keep it local.

For a European stag weekend, you could plan a visit to Ibiza, the posthumous party capital of the world and dance away to the set mix of a world renowned DJ. For an epic Prague stag do, there are some great things to do in Prague where you can immerse yourselves in its rich culture and wild bar crawls. If you are a group of staggers that loves to live on the edge, look no further than Riga to indulge in some adrenaline pumping activities.

If you want to give the overseas trip a miss, UK has umpteen hip nightclubs for you to booze and party, and a wide range of adrenaline pumping activities to engage the guests. London, Reading and Nottingham are a hub of everything you look for in a stag party. From a pulsating nightlife to thrilling adventures, the cities have it all. Add a competitive streak to the weekend by racing the lads at Grand Prix Karting or brave the waters while kite surfing at Bournemouth; the possibilities are endless.

Compile A Guest List

With the activities and venues picked out, it’s time to get those invites rolling. Compile a guest list, loop the groom in for this one. After all, you don’t want to invite the guests he would be uncomfortable around. Once the list is finalized, roll out the invites and follow up to get a fair estimate on how many guests you should expect and make the arrangements accordingly.

On the Stag Day

Be the Captain
Lads having fun riding an inflatable banana
So much fun riding an inflatable banana with your mates

The stag day is finally here. As the main man of the gathering, be the captain of the party to ensure everything runs smoothly. As things run wild and the guests fill up on booze, there has to be someone who makes sure things don’t go south. Be that man. That doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy. Immerse in the fun, just do it more responsibly.

Have A Trick Up Your Sleeve

As the day goes on, there might be a moment or two where the party runs dry. For moments like that, it helps having a trick up your sleeve. Pop open that 40 year old bottle of scotch, or have a limo pull up to whisk the staggers to a surprise location where thrill, fun and a lot more awaits them.

Have An Open Mind

While you may have put your heart into planning the day’s itinerary, it is ultimately the groom’s party and his guests. There is a chance they may want to explore an activity you didn’t plan. Instead of sulking, be a sport and see what you can do to arrange for it the last minute. Going into a stag party with an open mind is what will make it memorable.

Caution Is Crucial

While you may find yourself drowning in the euphoria of the stag do, ensure that you are cautious too. If you are in a foreign destination, keep your passports and important documents safe. It is easy to lose them while you are overwhelmed by the day’s adventures.

A stag do and liquor are almost synonymous to each other, but even then drink only as much as you can handle. Raging hangovers are no fun, nor is passing out in the alley exposing yourself to an imminent danger. Stay close to the group, know your drinking capacity and try not to cross that threshold if you want to carry great memories and not an awful experience.

Whatever Happens At a Stag, Stays With the Staggers

The stag party was a roaring success, the guests had fun, the groom was pleased with the party you had pieced together in his honour.

To honour the memory of the party, ensure that there are absolutely no pictures finding their way on the social media, at least not the ones that may wreck havoc on the groom’s life. You do not want the bride to stumble upon the pictures of her husband’s wild night out. So live in the moment, enjoy the party and put those cameras away.


While many assume a bachelor party is all fun and games, executing a great stag do takes hard work and elaborate planning. You must pick a date most people will be available at, a suitable venue for the stag do either overseas or in one of the cities in UK, choose exciting activities that will impress the guests and an epic night planned out to make the bash a memorable affair. To be the best man every groom dreams about, follow the guide and throw an epic stag do for your best friend.

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