Best Lawn Games To Play With Your Family

Best family garden games

One of the best ways to spend time with your family is to play games in your backyard. Not only are you spending quality time with your loved ones, but you are also getting to enjoy the great outdoors. Here are some of the best lawn games to play with your family.

No matter young or old, everyone can enjoy playing games outdoors. Whether you are having a BBQ, party, or are just wanting to spend time together, there are several great lawn games that are fun to play. Not only are these games a wonderful pastime, but many of them are great for the little ones to develop different skills like hand-eye coordination, as well as being physically active.

Best Lawn Games To Play With Your Family

Lawn games are a great way to socialize with your family. Whether you are looking for a strategy game or one where everyone can be active, there is something out there for your entire family to enjoy. From classic games to new, unique ones, there is a game for everyone to play.

Lawn games are a wonderful way to spend time with the family in spring, summer, and even fall. No matter if you have a small or large yard, there are plenty of great activities the family can partake in.

Outdoor Table Tennis

outdoor table tennis

Outdoor table tennis is a great way to get the family moving and bring out everyone’s competitive side. They are easy to set up in your yard once they’ve been built and both kids and adults will enjoy playing.

It is a great activity to include family BBQs during the summertime. You can have two or four people play at a time or even play in rounds. They are ideal for those who love to play table tennis recreationally.

Choosing an outdoor table tennis table


Quoits is a traditional game that involves throwing metal, rope or rubber rings across a set distance. The rings are thrown at a stake that is referred to as a hob. It is typically played in pubs and outdoor settings.

When a ring lands on a hob, the person who throws it earns two points. If it is closer to the hob than an opponent, the thrower scores one point. It is a unique activity that can be played casually or competitively.

Horseshoe Tossing

Horseshoe tossing has long been a popular game for playing outdoors. They are traditionally played with metal horseshoes, but you can also purchase rubber horseshoes that are easier and safer for children to use.

The game is typically played with two people or two teams that have two players each. Horseshoes are thrown at two targets set up in the ground, with players alternating each turn. This classic game can be enjoyed by those young and old.

Lawn Darts

Though it was originally played with traditional style darts, many lawn darts games now use soft rubber darts that are safe for children. Though metal lawn darts are banned in America and Canada, the soft rubber alternatives can still be played for a fun game. It is a great game where the entire family is able to practice their aiming and throwing skills.

Targets are set up on the ground where family members can take turns throwing darts in hopes of getting a bullseye. Generally, four large darts and two targets are used to play lawn darts.


Many people love playing the table size game of Jenga. Fortunately, for Jenga enthusiasts, you can buy large outdoor versions of this exciting game. This giant twist on the classic game is the perfect way to get your family together for some outdoor fun.

Kids and parents will both have a blast playing this strategic game. It will take concentration and a bit of luck to keep this giant lawn game from tumbling down on your turn.


In addition to being a delicious candy, Skittles is also an exciting game to play with your family. If your family loves bowling, then this is the perfect game, as it is the game bowling descended from.

Though it may traditionally be played indoors, you can also play this fun game outside. It would be a great activity to set up on your patio after enjoying a summer cookout.


Boules is a traditional French ball game that is similar to bowls and bocce. This classic game is played with two players or teams and involves throwing or rolling bowls to hit a target ball. The goal is to keep the opponents’ balls away from the target ball.

Parents can play along with their children, as it is a great way for little ones to work on their hand-eye coordination. It is a wonderful game to play out on your freshly mowed lawn on a warm spring day.


Croquet is a classic game that is a wonderful way to enjoy a summer evening after a family meal. Mallets are used to hit plastic or wooden balls through hoops that have been placed in the grass.

It can be a fun game for people of all ages to play, as it requires concentration and coordination. Whether your family is competitive or not, they will enjoy this traditional activity.


Though badminton may be an Olympic sport, it is also a fantastic game to play in your backyard with your loved ones. It is an awesome way to get the whole family up and moving and showing off their competitive sides.

You can even get portable sets that you can take with you to the visit beach or on your camping trips. Children and their parents will love playing together, as it is a great game to showcase your athletic skills.

Backyard Fun

Lawn games are a great way to bond with the family while getting some fresh air outside. Whether you are looking for a game to get up and active or one that requires strategy and coordination, there is something just right for your family.

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