Cave Biking Underground

cycling underground

Looking for a new mountain biking adventure? Cave biking is a bit different in that you get to explore rugged terrain in the dark, and underground. It is a completely different biking experience. Could this be a solution to the abandoned mines in North Wales that will generate tourism and wealth?

What is Cave Biking?

Cave biking is a completely different mountain biking experience. You get to go storming down underground caves and mines on a mountain bike with only your bike lights to see by. The additional gear you need is a safety inspected mine or cave, a certified mining helmet with light, and some high power halogen bike lights.

You’ve been mountain biking in the woods. You”ve been mountain biking in the mountains, You can even perform amazing stunts on your mountain bike in the city. Now you can go underground and go Cave Biking.

Cave biking is exactly what it says. You ride your mountain bike underground through cave complexes or disused mines.

Before we go on, it must be stressed that this should only be done on properly organised tours run by the owners of the underground caves or mines. There are way too many hazards underground, especially when travelling at speed on your bike and to ensure safety these cave complexes have been fenced off to ensure that you will not fall down any of the numerous deep chasms that lurk within. They also have been checked for stability as most unused mines and cave complexes are liable to collapse without warning.

Why Cave Biking

cycling underground in tunnels and caves

Cave biking gives you a different sort of rush to the usual mountain biking through forests. The main things is the dark! You have powerful lights on your bike to see where you are going, and due to mining regulations must wear a hard hat with a light on it. The hard helmet will stop you from nutting yourself on any of the unexpected low parts in the cave ceilings.

The tours we know about are about 5km long. You head off by following your guide down the caves on your bike, with the twists and turns rushing towards you at an amazing speed. If someone yells duck, you had better do so quick.

Where can I go cave biking?

You can go cave biking underground in Maastricht or Slovenia.

The longest cycling tunnel in the UK is Coombe Down Tunnel near Bath. It is 1829 yards long. If you know of anywhere else in the world that you can do cave biking, let us know so we can spread the word. With all of the old mines and pits in the UK that have been sealed up, this could be a huge recreational sport if done properly. Just imagine loading up your mountain bike onto one of those coal pit lifts and hurtling down into the coal mine. Once at the bottom, you head off with your guide down the vast labyrinth of tunnels. Maybe one day…

Now you can go cave biking underground in the Mega Underground Bike Park in Louisville USA . It has 320,000 square feet of space 10 stories or 100 feet underground. There are over 45 trails. It also hosts the only underground zip line in the world!

Mountain Biking Underground in the Mines at Blaenau Ffestiniog

I reckon that with a bit of Lottery funding and a decent project manager, someone could revitalise the entire Snowdonia mining towns in North Wales by setting up cave biking down the disused coal pits. I would certainly pay for the experience of exploring different levels, getting up and down via one of the original mine shaft lifts. You see those big old wheels dotting the landscape around Wales and wonder what lies beneath.

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