Flyboard, the Real Life Water Hover Board

water hover board

Flyboard is a fantastically cool water powered hover board. Fly, twist turn and perform amazing stunts.

Skills – Strength: 1, Balance: 7, Flexibility: 4, Agility: 4, Coordination: 5
Time needed: travelling time + 1 hour, Cost to try: £55


Video of Flyboard – Flying in the air with this amazing water powered hover board

What is Flyboard?

The flyboard is a water powered hover board. These awesome videos show how you strap yourself into these water jet boots and experience flying like you have never seen before. The flyboard is powered from the thrust from a jetski attached to the end of a long hose. The flyboard rider controls how much water is forced out of the two jets under the board and therefore how fast or high you go. The thrust of the water jets will actually force you up into the air.

Is it easy to learn how to Flyboard?

With proper instruction you will start flying the Flyboard during your first 5 minutes in the water. Depending on your previous experience of board sports and whether you have a natural ability, you could easily have basic control of your movements within 20 minutes. Regardless, you will have lots of fun on your first ride and it only gets better the more you do.

Real Life Hoverboard – New for 2014

Youtube Video of a real life Hoverboard – Flying in the air with this amazing water powered hover boardFranky Zapato, the guy who designed the Flyboard, has now created what all you Back to the Future fans have been waiting for- a real life Hoverboard.

How Does a Water Powered Hoverboard Work?

Water powered hoverboards work by using the output jet from a jet ski to pump water up a long hose to the hoverboard. The water comes out at high speed from the jet on the hoverboard giving a backward thrust. By positioning the water hoverboard in particular ways, you can cause vertical or forward motion. It works in the same way as the Flyboard, but with the jet nozzle pointing backwards. It uses the same attachments as the flyboard. The first version of the ZR hover board flew at 15mph and was easy to ride. The second design flew at 35 mph and was rather tricky to stay on. This released production version of the Hoverboard flies at 23 mph and is easy to control yet giving thrilling speed.

The difference between the Flyboard and the Hoverboard is that the Flyboard has boots attached to the board and the water jet points downward. On the water Hoverboard, your feet fit into foot straps and the jet points backwards.

Try Flyboard, the water powered hover board

Think you’ve got what it takes to be able to control a flyboard? If you do another board sport such as surfing, snowboarding or skateboarding, then perhaps you have the skill. Why not find out for yourself.

Buy or Try Flyboarding and water hoverboards in the US

You can try or buy a Flyboard or Hoverboard in the US from Rocky Mountain Flyboard. They are the Dealer for Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Hawaii & Guam.

Buy or Try water hoverboards in the UK

You can buy a flyboard in the UK from 158flyboards.

If you don’t have a few thousand to buy yourself a hoverboard, you can still have a go as an activity experience. The flyboard experience includes a detailed briefing, and then get to try the flyboard for yourself. You will be taught how to hover in the air and keep your balance. Once you get the hang of flight with flyboard, you can play about with board control, turns and if feeling particularly confident, some underwater dives. This is a must for the adventurous.

Red Letter Days Flyboarding Experience

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