Report highlights that young people are portrayed negatively in the media

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First News, the UK schools newspaper, has reported about new research that has found that more than 3/4 of press coverage of young people is negative. This report has been submitted to the Leveson Inquiry, with the hope that the media will be encouraged to publish articles on more of the great things young people do and achieve.
First News reports that it is working with other unamed organisations to make sure that young people are treated failry by the press. THe media seems to report much like a soap opera by portraying all of the the drama and negative shocking things of society to get readers’ interest.

Wouldn’t it be great if the media could publish more articles that show the amazing things that young people achieve. There are some great initiatives in cities providing places for young people to go and things to do. Without positive success stories, the hard effort that has been invested in setting up things for youth will go unrecognised, and make further funding even more diffficult. Then, funding gets cut and it is you that suffers.

HIghlighting success shows that the effort is all worhwhile. It encourages others to want to do the same, and attracts postive outcomes. If you are told that youth are all yobs, you get annoyed and fed up about it because whatever you do no one listens. If the media tells you that young people are a valuable part of society and show what great things are happening, it will inspire you to wnat to be part of it. If you can see that success is possible, you will make the effort.

So, here’s to hoping that the report submitted to the Leveson Inquiry will have an impact and that the media will change its focus. Meanwhile, get out there and be seen to be making a positive difference.

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