Royal Marines Commando Challenge

Climbing a wall on the Tough Mudder obstacle course race

The annual Commando Challenge is coming up on the 8th and 9th of October. As always, this event promises to be fun, full of mud, and exhausting.

Every year, the Royal Marines open up the Royal Marine training course at Woodbury Common, Exeter in Devon to anyone over 16.

On the 8th October, there is the 4km fun run through the obstacles on the Royal Marine Training Course. This includes the infamous Sheep Dip, where you go fully submerged through a muddy tunnel full of water. There is also the 10km Marine Challenge, which still has the obstacles, but includes road runs. The first teams will start at 0900, with teams starting every 2 minutes until approx 1500.

On the 9th October, there is the 10km Marine Challenge run. This covers the same Royal Marine Training Course with all of the obstacles, however it is sandwiched between two 2km road runs.

You can download route maps, information and enter for the Commando Challenge October 2017.

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