7 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Entertainment Area

Outdoor entertaining in your garden

Creating your own outdoor entertainment area in your garden gives you an comfortable space to share time with family and friends. Once spring arrives, homeowners can’t wait to enjoy time in their outdoor living spaces. But if you’ve ever dreamt of something more aesthetically-pleasing than folding camp chairs, plastic tables and Solo cups, yet don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

When it comes to designing the perfect outdoor living space, there’s a lot you can do to add both charm and functionality. No matter the size of your yard or patio, there are countless ways you can transform your space and make it an extension of your home so that friends and family members can spend time together. To give you some ideas, here are seven tips for creating an outdoor entertainment area for ultimate relaxation and good times.

1. Find the Perfect Location

Assess your property’s lot and outdoor space to determine a good spot for building your outdoor entertainment area. If you have a small backyard or narrow side lot between you and neighbors, it can seem tight–but don’t worry! There are still many clever ways to make the most of your outdoor space. For instance, consider some tall privacy walls to make it an intimate retreat. A split-level or tiered deck design is another fantastic option for properties built on slopes and inclines, giving a scenic view and vantage point over the backyard. Tiered decks also allow a way to divide porch aspects such as seating groups, dining areas and cooking stations.

2. Design an Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

Speaking of cooking stations, there’s no better addition to an outdoor entertainment area than an outdoor grill. More than that, you can design an entire outdoor kitchen around it, complete with outdoor appliances. Whether it’s gas or charcoal, choose the best built-in grill for your cooking style and prepare delicious meals for family and guests. You could even add unique party-pleasers into your outdoor kitchen, like a margarita machine, a wood-fired pizza oven or a practical ice maker to ensure drinks are chilled.

While you’re at it, design your outdoor kitchen with some counter space that extends into a bar area, complete with stools. This not only allows for various seating options but also a place for family and guests to congregate as the chef manages the grill.   

3. Incorporate Various Seating Options

As you create an outdoor entertainment area, be sure to add comfortable patio furniture. Think of dining tables shaded by umbrellas for weekend brunches or chaise lounges with a nearby cantilever umbrella for catching some sun. 

Also, space out separate seating groups for guests and family members. Not only does it give options for comfort, but it allows everyone to maintain social distancing while still enjoying each other’s company. For instance, you could have a conversational set in one section of the patio or deck and a hammock or porch swing in another. You could even build half walls with pavers to visually divide the seating groups and offer a sense of privacy. This is especially helpful when you have tiered decks and patio spaces for everyone to spread out.

4. Build a Spot for Bonfires

If you want to create a relaxing ambiance in your outdoor entertainment area, be sure to have a way of building a bonfire. Whether it’s a fireplace like a tall chiminea, standing fire bowl or a coffee table with a built-in gas fire pit, a crackling and warm fire adds a pleasant glow to the overall ambiance. This works especially well in the spring and late summer when the nights begin to get cooler.

You could even design and build your own DIY fire pit, stacking repurposed rocks from the backyard. Give it a wide ledge for extra seating, a spot to place drinks and snack plates or make it merely a place to kick up and warm your feet. Be sure to add some chairs around the bonfire to create another separate seating group as well.  

5. Wire a Sound System and Television

Music can go a long way when entertaining guests, providing the perfect atmosphere and setting the mood. Complete your space with outdoor speakers so you can stream your favourite playlists.

Better yet, purchase an outdoor television so everyone can watch the big game. You could even gather around and spend some quality family time together, like having a movie night complete with some popcorn and pizza.

You’ll want an outdoor television that is at least 43 inches so that everyone can see it.  Being daylight readable is important, as well as being able to operate at outdoor temperatures all year round.

  • 43inch Full HD LED panel
  • 700cd/m2 Brightness – Twice the brightness of a normal TV
  • Built in 2 x 15W Amplifier
  • Operating temperature -20 to 60 degrees – suitable for use all year round

6. Hang and Install Lighting Fixtures

Just like bonfires and music play a huge role in creating ambiance in your outdoor entertainment areas, so does the lighting. Not only can lighting offer a well-lit area once the sun goes down, but it also casts a soothing glow. Install some basic sconce lighting along the exterior walls, but be sure to hang up some string lights or cafe lights across the lawn or patio as well for a charming touch. You could even attach LED rope lighting beneath the edge of the banister for a streamlined, chic effect. And if you can’t have a bonfire, you can still add a few large hurricane lanterns and light candles inside to cast a wide glow across the ground or deck. 

7. Raise Some Privacy Walls

For homeowners who are concerned about privacy, raise a privacy wall or fence along the edges to keep out neighboring properties. Unlike the chain link fence of old, there are many more fashionable modern fencing options today. For example, you can install a metal privacy screen with various punched cut-outs to suit your outdoor entertainment area’s decor.

As mentioned earlier, privacy walls also allow you to make the most of small spaces. Install a tall privacy wall to separate spaces as well, creating intimate areas that family members and guests can escape to for some peace and quiet.  

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