Fall, Fashion and Finding Fun

Woman thinking about Autumn
Thinking of ways to have fun outdoors in Autumn

It begins to feel colder and damper in the last week of August as Fall arrives.  Find out what outdoor gear and activities will see you through these darker months.

The mornings start to become that little bit colder and a little bit darker.  Autumn is drawing near and as the seasons change, so does the availability of pleasant weather for your favourite outdoor activities.  Students across the world are thinking about the new academic year ahead. For some, it is the first time away from home as you head for Freshers’ week at University.

For business professionals, their return to work after the summer break is often difficult.  With the holidays over and the nights drawing in, what on earth can you do to stay active outdoors?

Running is Always an Option

Trail running head torch for night running in the woods
Trail running head torches need more than 100 Lumens of light output





Running outdoors in September after work will mean having to use a torch and some high visibility clothing.  Proviz provide a range of very highly reflective running jackets in a range of styles.  You will need to supplement  this with a good running torch.  I prefer the body worn running torch that straps over your shoulder and around your chest.  The white light on the front is bright enough to show all of the roots and uneven trails as you run, with the red light on the back making you visible from behind.


Student Fun

What fun have you been up to lately? Last weekend most students will have started at college or university. Oh the memories of Fresher’s week. Meeting new people, joining the most obscure clubs and societies (which mostly involved participating in a drink or two), and generally having a laugh.

Higher education has a great selection of clubs partaking in a spot of outdoor recreation. Depending on where you are, the traditional track and field sports are supplemented by more adventurous activities such as canoeing, sailing, snow sports, mountain biking and even a few aerial activities like flying or kite surfing.

What activity clubs do you have at your college or university? Which ones have you joined? Did you join for the appeal of the activity or because of some hunk who was already a member? Thought so :o)

Fall Outdoor Activities

October brings the change of seasons, and with it the weather changes. October and November are great months for wind powered activities. Kite flying, kite surfing, sailing and windsurfing are all ideal. It is also a most entertaining time for any drone enthusiasts. Those spinny rotor gadgets just don’t cope well in wind, so be prepared for youtube vids of some epic drone fails and crashes.

The end of October also sees the start of the marketing season for snow sports. Ski shows and exhibitions pop up at the end of October, offering fantastic bargain ski holidays and discount gear. It is the best opportunity to find out what it is all about and grab yourself a bargain. This winter, the ski industry is making a concerted effort to entice more under 35 year olds to go on a ski holiday or snowboarding holiday. Across the UK, the Go Ski Go Board campaign is offering taster sessions for only £1 at ski slopes across the country. You should get together with some of your friends and make a group outing of it. If you like it, there are lots of ski chalets you can rent as a group, some even have catering included. All you have to worry about is having fun in the snow. If you want to know more, read my guide to choosing a ski holiday that’s right for you and helps you with all the things you should consider.

My ski fund is currently generated by me providing you and your friends with great ideas on outdoor activities which leads to you clicking on useful Amazon affiliate links and other ads. Thank you so much if you do. I really appreciate it, as do my teenage daughters.

The end of October means Halloween, and if you are a thrill seeker you are definitely going to want to go to one of the theme park fright nights. Theme parks all over the world put on special events during the end of October for Halloween where you can scare yourself silly by going on the rides at night in the dark! Awesome. They also put on scare mazes and other attractions that will mess with your head. I went to one last year with some friends and had a brilliant time. It is totally different on the rides at night, and such an adrenalin rush. If you are not of a nervous disposition, I highly recommend it.

I wish you well in your work and education. May you make lots of great new friends, be invited to many memorable parties, and generally have so much fun that you walk around with a huge grin.

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