Hear Traffic When Outdoors with Bone Conducting Headphones

Bone Conducting Headphones

Headphones come in many different forms, all with their benefits and limitations. Aftershokz performance sports headphones overcome one of the main hazards for the urban runner – the loss of awareness of what is going on around you.

Now you can get audio performance at the same time as being able to hear what is happening around you. Aftershokz headphones gives you that vital sound awareness keeping you safer on the streets whilst running and listening to music.

Headphones come in different forms

Some headphones are in-ear, where they sit inside your ear canal. As long as the speaker is good quality, it provides a great sound by blocking out all background noise. It also stops noise leakage, so others don’t hear what you are listening to. They can be uncomfortable though, or fall out. You can get some that have over ear hooks that hold them in place, with the speaker sitting just inside your ear. These can be quite comfortable, but depend on your ear shape and the make of earphones.

Bone Conducting HeadphonesOver ear headphones can provide excellent sound, but the music leaks, potentially annoying everyone on the train as they try to work out what track you are listening to.

Closed back headphones are bigger and cover your ears. These provide the best audio experience, but once again block out all background noise. However, those around you don’t get ot eavesdrop on your music taste. They can be heavier and a bit of a burden from the up and down motion when jogging.

What’s Different About Aftershokz Headphones?

Aftershokz work in a completely different way by conducting the sound into your inner ear through the bone of your skull. This idea originated from the military, where soldiers need to listen to communications whilst being aware of their surroundings. This feature can also benefit those who want to listen to their music while being aware of traffic and other hazards.

Video of how Aftershokz bone conducting headphones give you awareness when running

They sit just in front of your ears, with a hook over your ears to hold them snugly and comfortably in place, with a neck strap.

Aftershokz leave your ears completely unobstructed so that you can hear what is going on around you, whilst still listening to your favourite tracks.

Aftershokz headphones are ideal for runners and cyclists

For recreational activities that require a good awareness of what is going on around you, Aftershokz are great. They are particularly useful when running or cycling in the street. There is no pressure in the ear that you would get from ear bud headphones, and you don’t get that “cut off” feeling. The neck strap holds them in place and they are quite comfortable. What is more, they are stylish.

Aftershokz Audio Performance

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At first I thought it would be just like putting my normal headphones on infront of my ears, but Aftershokz do give quite a decent sound. They are good at holding the bass. You can hear the music very well in the noisy urban environment. To be able to provide the sound, Aftershokz uses an inline battery that needs charging via a usb lead that comes with it. The sound quality is not as good as high performance headhones such as Sennheiser, but is surprisingly good.

Aftershokz come in two versions, the sport Aftershokz for just music and the mobile Aftershokz connecting to a mobile phone.
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They have an inline battery box with volume controls and power button. The box can be clipped onto your clothing. Battery life is quoted as 15 hours, but some people have reported that they last longer. They take about three hours to recharge. There is also the Bluetooth version which I highly recommend for wire free safe running.

You can now buy Aftershokz Bluez 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone
from Amazon.

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