Ice Racing

Ice racing is a form of motor sport where drivers race cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, or other motorized vehicles across icy tracks. Ice racing is done on frozen lakes or rivers, or on carefully groomed frozen lots. Ice racing is normally done on natural ice, usually in Canada, the northern United States, and in northern Europe, although limited indoor events are held in warmer climates, typically on ice hockey rinks

Ice racing tracks are usually oval in shape or use road courses. Some tracks are dirt track racing tracks with the snow ploughed off them. When there is no natural snow, an ice racing track may be created by spraying water when the temperature is below freezing. Artificial ice racing tracks are used where it is not possible to construct natural ice tracks. Some tracks are made by ploughing the snow off of a frozen lake.

Ice racing vehicles grip the ice by using either studded or non-studded tyres. Studded tyres have a stud such as a screw or bolt to provide better traction and increasing speed. Some studs are sharpened to increase penetration. Tires cannot be purchased with studs, so the pit crew needs to attach the studs to the tire.

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