Junior Driving Courses for Ages 11 to 17

Learn to drive before you are 17

As a present for passing their GCSE exams, my daughter and nephew were given the opportunity to have driving lessons at Dunsfold Aerodrome where they film the Top Gear TV series.

Since they are not yet old enough to legally drive on public roads, young driver lessons on private land are an ideal way to give them a taster of what driving is about. It also allows them to share the knowledge of the driving experience with their friends at college who are already having driving lessons.

Under 17 Driving Lessons – One to One with an Approved Instructor

A recent study in Sweden showed that teaching drivers at an earlier age reduced accident rates by a staggering 40%!

Young drivers learning to drive

Have Fun Learning Important Skills

Junior Driver Experiences are open to anyone who is 11+ and 1.5m Tall. On the lessons you will drive a dual control car and learn everything from how to start the engine, manoeuvre, brake, reverse, park, change gear through to carrying out things like an emergency stop.


All our Junior Driver instructors are fully qualified Driving Standards Agency Approved (ADIs) and have been checked by the Criminal Records Bureau. Being handpicked from our highly trained nationwide team of Advanced Driving Instructors they will instil an awareness of the responsibilities of driving from the start.

Under 17 Driving Log

After each lesson your instructor will chart your progress in your own personal Young Drivers Log book. This is very important so your DriverSkills instructor can see how you are progressing and keep your training moving forward.

When you’re 17, and start driving lessons on the roads, your instructor will then be able to see your level of progress and experience – putting you way ahead of most other 17 year olds!


Junior Driver lessons take place at Elvington venue on the outskirts of York in Yorkshire, Dunsfold, Bluewater, and a host of other locations.


The under 17 lessons take place on specified dates on School holidays throughout the year.

An Ideal Gift!

Junior Driver Lessons are available as Gift Vouchers and are also available in bundles at a reduced cost.

Bundle Offers

Each lesson is 60 minutes long and one to on with the instructor

  • 1 lesson £64.00
  • 2 Lessons £118.00
  • 3 Lessons £178.00
  • 6 for the price of 5 £320.00

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