Wipeout Microfibre durable piste map

Piste Map Printed on Cloth

You know it has happened to you. You manage to get your hands on a piste map when you go skiing or snowboarding, and before you know it, it is a soggy pile of pulp paper. Fear not. The Wipeout lens cloth not only keeps your ski goggles clear, but also has the entire piste map printed on it.

Durable, reuasable, helps you find your way around the ski resort, and can still be read after being dropped in any amount of snow and ice.

What is the Wipeout lens cloth?

The Wipeout lens cloth, a full size piste map printed on high quality microfibre material, will now feature over 100 ski resorts on 30 maps for the 2013-14 season.

Also new for winter 2013-14 are two new maps covering seven resorts in Andorra – Grandvalira and Vallnord, meaning this unique product now covers the majority of the major ski resorts across Europe.

Wipeout lens cloth piste map

Wipeout has grown in popularity since it was founded in 2009 and the maps are now sold in major retailers in the UK such as Snow+Rock plus local stores in each resort across Europe and of course online via the Wipeout’s own store www.wipe-out.eu.

Managing Director, Julie Slaughter, is excited about the new developments for this winter season: “Each season the number of resorts covered by Wipeout has increased. By covering over 100 resorts we believe that most people heading out to ski or board in Europe next winter will find a Wipeout map for their destination. We get incredible feedback about Wipeout; people love the fact that it can be reused day after day both as a piste map and to wipe goggles. Watch out on a snowy day inside the cable car, once it’s out, everyone will want to use it!”

Wipeout microfiber lens cloth piste map features

  • Re-usable and machine washable
  • Doesn’t tear or get soggy like paper maps, doesn’t need to be refolded
  • Clearly printed full size piste maps>
  • Easily handled whilst wearing ski gloves
  • Very effective lens cleaner for sunglasses and ski goggles

The perfect present, Wipeout lens cloths are reusable, don’t tear or get soggy and are easy to handle with ski gloves on. All Wipeout lens cloths feature the most current resort piste map and are made of the highest quality cleaning material.

Wipeout is part of 1% For The Planet with 1% of Wipeout’s profits going towards Mountain Riders, an organisation who assess and educate ski resorts on their eco-friendliness.

Where can I buy a Wipeout lens cloth piste map?

If you want to be the talk of the piste this season, you can buy a Wipeout lens cloth piste map from Snow and Rock. Go online to the Wipeout store for more information about Wipeout and to buy one of the 30 Wipeout lens cloths – www.wipe-out.eu

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