Boyfriend and Girlfriend Summer Bucket List

boyfriend and girlfriend canoeing

You have an entire summer that you could be spending together, but how do you spend that time wisely? My summer bucket list is a checklist with 30 fun things for boyfriends, girlfriends and couples to do to guarantee plenty of summer fun together, providing memories that will always make you feel great.

If you don’t know, a bucket list is a list of things that you want to do while you can. In this case, you only have this summer to do every activity on the bucket list. So, what are you waiting for? Get going!

  1. Messing about in boats

    Take to the water in one of the many forms of boats. You could go sailing, whitewater rafting, canoeing or kayaking, pootle about in a rowing boat, ride a pedalo, take a punt down a river, or just play about in an inflatable dinghy.

  2. The Longest Handstand

    Hand Stands on the BeachSee who can do a handstand for the longest. If you can’t do a handstand, practise until you can do one for longer than 10 seconds.

  3. Peculiar Picnics

    Rather than have a usual romantic picnic with your boyfriend or girlfriend, do something peculiar. You can hold it in a park, or by the river, or somewhere with a view. But, make it peculiar. You could wear something funny, do something odd, or have the picnic in an unusual place.

  4. Watch a sunset

    This is a prime opportunity for romance. Find somewhere where you can watch the sunset. You could just go there and watch, or take a blanket and some food and drink. Perhaps have a BBQ.

  5. Go camping

    Spend a night under canvas in a tent. You will want to make sure that you know some great tips on going camping with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

  6. Swing on a rope swing

    Make your own rope swing, or find one and have a swing. You could take turns, or have a go at swinging on the rope together. The biggest rope swing in the world.

  7. See an outdoor movie, or show your own

    Throughout the summer, outdoor movies are shown across the country. These are at drive ins, or at outdoor movie theatres set up just for the summer. You could host your own movie by using a projector and a sheet in the garden.

  8. Go wild swimming

    Rather than going swimming at the local pool, why not find somewhere to go swimming in nature. You could swim in the sea, a river, or a lake. Make sure you know whether it is safe to swim in the location that you choose. Best places to go wild swimming in the UK.

  9. Water parks

    You’ve seen the Justin Bieber video filmed at a water park. You can both have some amazing fun going down the flumes and slides. In the US, the water parks have some great water slides where the inflatable raft you go in actually goes uphill.

    YouTube Video of Schlitterbahn Waterpark Trip
  10. Wackiest rollercoaster photo

    Most of the best rollercoasters have a camera that takes your picture at the scariest moment. Why not see who can pull the wackiest face at that moment on the rollercoaster? You may already be making a weird face due to being about to go down a steep drop. Or enjoy the moment and score this one as just riding a rollercoaster or any fairground ride.

  11. Bodyboarding

    The beach, the sun, a tight wetsuit and a bodyboard. Find yourself some waves and get boarding.

  12. Sandcastle competition

    Make a big sandcastle. You don’t have to go to the beach for sand though. You could always use the sand pit in the kiddies playground.

  13. Go for a bike ride

    Summer Bucket Lists Provide Endless Fun for Couples

  14. You have a variety of choices on how to do this. You could go on a short road trip and visit a place of interest. Perhaps have a go at riding a tandem. If you can’t ride a bike, hire one of those four wheeled bikes or a trike. You often find them on the promenade at the beach. For a bit more excitement, you could go mountain biking through the woods.
  15. Crab fishing

    Crab fishing is simple to do. All you need is some line with a string bag of bacon on the end. Rock pools, harbours and piers are all great places to go. You could have a competition so see who can catch the most, or the biggest.

  16. Use public transport to go somewhere new

    Work out how to read those timetables and go on a trip to somewhere you haven’t been before. This could be a museum, a park, or even a different shopping mall. Maybe go for a meal.

  17. Crazy golf or adventure golf

    There are loads of adventure golf courses now. This can be great fun, especially with some of the themed obstacles. You are bound to end up with your ball in the water at some point.

  18. Paper boat races

    Make some paper boats and have a race down a river or stream.

  19. Kite flying

    Make, buy or borrow a kite and see what aerobatics you can do with it. Even better, work out how to fly a power kite and get lifted off the ground

  20. Take some photos with a theme

    Take some photos that are linked with a theme, such as colour, or places to eat. You could take a picture of yourselves at every pizza place in the area. Perhaps take pictures where you are wearing the same funny hat. There have been some viral photos doing this, such as Oscar the globetrotting dog, or the photos taken by the man who was dragged around the world by his girlfriend.

  21. Water fights

    This has got to be on your summer bucket list. Have an awesome water fight. Use water pistols, super soakers, garden hoses, buckets of water, or anything else that comes to hand. You could mix it with washing the car. There you are happily washing the car when you accidentally throw a sponge, or point the hose the wrong way. Before you know it, you are having a water fight, or a stand up row.

  22. Make your own movie or play

    Get out the acting skills and film your own bit of drama. You could even go to the lengths of dressing up or making scenery. You could even get a job as extras in a TV, film or music video.

  23. Roll down a grassy hill or sand dune

    Simple and free. An easy item to check off of your summer bucket list. For thd ultimate rush, try zorbing in a big inflatable ball.

  24. Make the biggest bubble

    As it say, make the biggest bubble. You can use those little bubble pots, or get bubble wands. You can make some really huge bubbles.

  25. Live for a day without electronics

    This could be one of the most difficult things to do on the boyfriend girlfriend summer bucket list. No phones, TV, radio, ipods or any other use of electronic gadgets. You will have to make your own entertainment. Still, you have plenty of other things to be getting on with on the bucket list.

  26. Play a game of tennis

    Another free thing to do. Most tennis courts in parks are free to use. If they do cost and you don’t want to pay, set up your own net.

  27. Make someone smile

    No it can’t be your partner! That would be cheating. Do something together that makes someone smile. It could be doing something nice, or helping someone.

  28. Make someone laugh

    This is a bit harder. I am sure that you and your boyfriend or girlfriend can come up with something really silly that will make someone laugh.

  29. Draw or paint a view

    Go outside somewhere that has a great view. Draw or paint what you see. You don’t have to be great at art. Just put down your impression on the page.

  30. Animals

    Do something to do with animals. Go to a zoo or wildlife park. Go birdwatching. Discover these fun things to do while walking your dog (or someone else’s).

  31. Make something special for your boyfriend or girlfriend

    This last item on the boyfriend girlfriend summer bucket list is to make a special gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Use all of your art and craft skills to make a gift.

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